Monday, June 11, 2012

Bowling Birthday

 In 2 more days my little guy will turn 5.  5!  I can't believe it!  Anyway, Saturday we decided to have his birthday party.  A bowling party in another town.  Man it sure confuses a little guy to celebrate early!  The last couple days it's been am I five now?  Here he is with his cake.  He LOVED it.  I saw him dragging parents over to admire it with him. 

Next photos are of the set up, since Phil had to miss the party.

 Almost every kid, if not all but Matthew, had never been bowling, so they were really, really excited. 

 Later the parents got in the act and bowled too.  Halfway through we broke for cake and lemonade.
It was so much fun!

 It makes me giggle everytime we get these 2 together.  Matthew continues to jolly green giant over Alex.  One day Alex will outgrow him I'm guessing.

Oh those boys!


Shayne said...

It looks like everyone had a really great time! I love bowling parties, especially when there are first-timers; they get so excited! His cake is awesome. Any little boy would love it!

Kirsten said...

very cool cake! happy birthday, matthew!

The author said...

Shayne, we had a great time!

Kirsten, thank you!