Saturday, June 4, 2011

Without further adu...


It's getting hard to take a photo without the tongue hanging out!

Typical walking in shot.

Just like the big cowboys.

Old glory in the distance.

The crowd was visited by the "Miss Rodeo Universe" and boy was "she" something.

They informed her, she couldn't drive a car, she had to ride a horse.

Oh boy.

Anyone that has photos of Phil when he was young, will instantly recognize this expression. I believe there isn't a shadow of a doubt that he is Phil's son!

Matthew's 5th rodeo (if you count the time he was a week away from being born) was a rip roaring success!


Mom said...

Another delightful evening!!! Great pictures!

Auntie said...

How Cool!
I have a photo of when he was almost 2, almost 3, and now almost 4. Did he go when he was almost 1?
Great Shots! Thanks for posting them so quickly.

The author said...

Yes he did. I don't have the photos of that either. I think that the Phil's camera that we lost the charger for so long (just found it in TX) has the photos on it. Either that or Mom took photos and lost them. I'm betting on ours. We'll try and get it charged and posted. I know he had a little blue rodeo shirt. And that he split his lip right before we left!

Auntie said...

I am so proud of his learning (with your help, I'm sure) to take off his hat when the colors go by!

Anonymous said...

such a handsome tongue though! & he has American in his heart so soon too. awesome!

Angela said...

It looks like everybody had fun at the rodeo and Matthew looks great in his cowboy "regalia."