Thursday, June 16, 2011

kinderGARDEN Thursday: week 7

After we wrote our kinderGARDEN post on Sunday, we walked to the mailbox and discovered that the Saturday mail had brought us our seeds! Matthew thought we should plant right away, so we did. We now have 2 varieties of zucchini up 1 bush, 1 Italian Ribbed, 2 Ronde De Nice summer squash, 1 Jack Be Little, 4 pattypan squash, and 7 luffa plants! We replanted green beans for the 4th time and have 1 of the new ones coming up.

Things aren't looking so good in the sunflower world. 4 have bit the dust this week. The one above must have been eaten by a rabbit, the funny stalk one died, and another looked like it was snapped by the wind today.

Using the new watering can. I have to ask Matthew for permission to use it has he has claimed it as his.

Matthew was really scared of Granddaddy Longlegs, until we read about them and learned they eat some very nasty bugs. Now Matthew says, "Granddaddy's to the rescue!" Go eat some nasty bugs!

Everyone is interested in the rat-tail radishes. They are an asian variety that is supposed to be better at handling the heat than the traditional radish. Supposedly they set the radish above ground. In this picture, I believe is the beginning of our rat tail radishes growing.

Matthew pulled a carrot to see if it had become a mutant carrot yet. We discovered it wasn't really much of anything yet.

Another of the many visitors to the garden this week.

We found another strawberry by the sidewalk and it was heavenly!

The wind took out some beans, sigh.

Matthew's sunflowers have really grown this week. They are 32". That's 12 1/2" growth this week.

Matthew's plot really makes me happy. It's such a full cheerful spot. He lost a petunia, so we planted some of my new marigolds in it's place.

These carrots really need thinned...


Cathryn said...

Matthew looks like he is having a good time. There are so many ups and downs in the garden...I feel your pain!

Auntie said...

Anne, I think your garden is grand. (Cathryn is right about farming!)
Lookit the muscles on that boy's rt arm as he holds the water can.
I see a country boy by nurture AND nature. Am I just seeing what I want to see? Opinions anybody?

Kirsten said...

your poor garden - it's had a rough week! still looks marvelous, though!

love the daddy longlegs story!

i'm amazed at how quickly the sunflowers are growing. a foot in a week?! kiddo's morning glories are doing the same thing, it just astounds me every time i go out there!

The author said...

Cathryn, he really does! For some reason his favorite part is planting. He's gotten mad at me before for not letting him plant all the time.

Auntie, he does have some muscle! He probably is, country and farm is what he knows. Love it!

Kirsten, it will survive! I'm just so relieved he isn't freaking out over them anymore. Big hurdle this week. Plants do grow an amazing amount in a short time.

Nap Mom said...

I need to educate my son about daddy long legs because he is terrified of them.

Those sunflowers sure do sprout up quickly, don't they? I am growing so impatient.

Our carrots are growing too close together too. I'm not sure what can be done about it at this point. Oh well.

I have only been blogging about our garden's successes. Maybe next week I will be alittle more forthcoming with our trials and tribulations as well.

Melissa said...

Lovely garden. He looks like he enjoys it.

raisingsweetgrace said...

Our carrots look the same except smaller. It seems like everything has really taken it's time coming up this year. Great looking garden though!!

Michele said...

Wow over a foot in one week! We need to start measuring here. We winter sowed ours in milk jugs and it kept them protected until they were almost a foot tall. That is some carrot patch! Despite the losses, everything looks great.

Shayne said...

I will admit to having carrot envy...

We've replanted ours so many times, and the darn slugs just love them.

Of course Matthew loves the watering can---it's red! (In our house, everything red is fought over.)

faith buss said...

I've been so bad at commenting this year! I hardly even get my post up each week. HA!

That's the way our carrots maybe you'll have some mutants soon! We've also lost some sunflowers to the wind this week....luckily our sunflower patch looks like the carrots so we'll still have plenty. :)

And your garden looks lovely. Great job!

Mama Bean said...

Heehee little boys stealing our tools! it's a good 'problem' to have, isn't it? what a great helper you've got!

Kindra said...

We just thinned our sad, I hate that job :(

Holly said...

I'm glad to see your carrots, all squished in there. Mine are much smaller, but still kind of squished. I just can't bring myself to thin them out! I'm sorry it's been a rough gardening week for you! Here's hoping that this week brings beans and sunflowers your way : )