Sunday, June 12, 2011

kinderGARDEN Thursday: week 6

After 3 days of long hours of work (and a little help from others) I managed to rescue the garden. Only about 8 onions got pulled up by mistake.

The beans are growing, along with everything else! The peppers have mini peppers. The lettuce is looking good. So is the basil and sage.

While weeding I found 7 volunteer pear tomato plants!

It's been hot and dry, so we've been watering alot. Mom bought us a big watering can, so now Matthew doesn't have to haul water in strange containers!

I planted rat tail radishes and they are getting huge! The one on the right is as tall as Matthew's tallest sunflower.

Some are crawling up the fence.

They have beautiful delicate purple blooms.

Last weekend I gave up on squash ever growing and ordered more seed (5 varieties) as well as more green beans and my favorite marigold. Yeah, they were faking me out. The very next day the first one popped up. I have 5 pattypan's up, 1 zucchini, and 1 Baby Boo or Jack Be Little. I guess I'll have plenty of seed for next year!

Matthew took time out to haul rocks in his big truck and beautify the front shade garden.

We've found lots of caterpillars (that we did away with), various little beetles, butterflies, and this beauty in the garden. Although things have been munched, we don't seem to have significant damage.

Well, insect damage that is. While Mom was trying to weed the sunflowers, it started to thunder. That's enough to panic Simba, their outside dog. He trampled one of Matthew's sunflowers. That led us to planted more to fill the holes in the line.

Then today we discovered this one has fallen over and that it has a very odd place on the stem. What is it? Anyone know?

This one also has a strange stem. Over all, most of them are doing ok. They grew 6 1/2" this week to top out at 19 1/2".

And finally, Matthew's strawberry plant is doing 10 times better then the ones we bought. I can't wait for these strawberries to ripen! I hope he shares.

Oh and Faith, Matthew wasn't scared by your carrot warning, he laughed!

To see how The Inadvertent Farmer deals with things like slugs, go here. :)


Auntie said...

He has a good eye for decoration and placement.

Cathryn said...

Looks like slug could have munched your sunflower as well.
Take care and time with your family as long as needed, that is most important, I hope your Dad will heal quickly! Prayers!

inadvertent farmer said...

I can't believe you have baby peppers already...I am just now getting blooms, darn Pacific Northwest rain, curse you!

I just think your garden is adorable with the little walkway, so neat and tidy! You make me realize just how much my garden needs weeding...sigh. Kim

I'm Cassie... said...

baby peppers?!?!? So.very.jealous!

And what are rat tail radishes? never heard of those.

Your garden is beautiful and I just have to say one more time: I'm so jealous! My garden was perfect last year, and this year we are struggling with late plantings and less than ideal weather. *Sigh*

But I'm happy for you!

Michele said...

Things are looking great! I love volunteer plants like that. And I'm intrigued with the Rat Tail Radishes, another to add to my seed wish list.

Kirsten said...

I feel like I have been MIA in the blog world - it is a little frantic around here this week...sorry for not commmenting sooner!

Everything looks great! Love little Matthew in his green boots...there's just something about a kid in boots. :)

Had to laugh at your story about your squash - can't tell you how many times I've given up on something and replanted, only to have it come up again the very next day!

Thinking of you and your dad - hope the docs get the infection under control and he is feeling better soon!

Kirsten said...

P.S. had to laugh when your comment came through, suggesting we get a dog to take care of our deer problem - I was in the middle of writing my kindergarden post and had just written the same thing.

Kindra said...

I'm getting through all the kG posts late and surprised at all the critter/pest and trampled plant issues. Hoping they all bouce back. Your strawberry plants are looking great though!

Shayne said...

Love the volunteer plants! Those are always such a nice surprise. :)