Friday, June 3, 2011

kinderGARDEN Thursday: week 5

While one of us was seeing the ocean for the first time (that would be Matthew) and enjoying a week with Daddy... (For those of you that are new, I am married to a man in the Army. He is in a "deployment" position, which means we aren't able to live with him, but we are able to visit!)

...our garden was growing. Lots and lots of grass that is. I have alot of tedious weeding to do. Tedious because I've already pulled up 2 cinnamon basil seedling while trying to free them from the weeds.

After our 12 hour drive back from TX yesterday, I'm still a little tired, so I only got the peppers and the basils freed so far.

Matthew measured his sunflowers and found that they have really grown. They are 13" this week.

Matthew has a thick carpet of carrots! He is very proud of that as well. But after 2 mins of weeding, he was done. Oh well!

A side note about our strawberries. Our strawberry pampering is going well, as I found a sprout today. They made their trip to and fro well. Matthew's strawberries, although they say that they are same kind as the ones Mom and I bought, they have white flowers and are growing faster. Same kind, I think not! The ones in the flower beds have some small strawberries growing.

To hear Kim's exciting news about the author of Sunflower Houses, Sharon Lovejoy, go here.


Mom said...

I'm glad I didn't try to weed your garden for you. I would have accidentally pulled up the good sprouts too.

Cathryn said...

I feel for ya with the reminds me that my garden will look like that soon-oh well, at least the veggies grow too!
The sunflowers are already at 13 inches?!! That is so cool!
I'm glad you got to spend time with hubby!
We appreciate his and your service to this country!

Kirsten said...

UGH on the weeds!

Love (alotalotalot) Matthew's sunflower notes. Too cute!!!

Kindra said...

still need to get the melon and sunflower seeds planted but they are to be planted in an area that needs a lot of weeding...oh, well...eventually!

Auntie said...

BTW, is that a new tattoo on the inside of Phil's right forearm?
And what did Matthew think of the ocean?

Mama Bean said...

happy belated memorial day to your husband and your family! i'm canadian, but i lived in the US for three years, so i commemorate with y'all, too :)
i hate weeds, too... i wonder what age it is that little hands get better at it - with longer attention spans! lol

Shayne said...

The ocean pictures are fantastic. It looks like Matthew had a great time!

I agree with Kirsten about Matt's sunflower notes. VERY cute!

faith buss said...

I tried a bit of weeding yesterday...UGH. I should do a post on weeds. They're so easy to edit out with a quick change of the camera angle. But reality is...THEY'RE EVERYWHERE!

The author said...

Mom, yes, I pulled out about 8 onions and I was trying to be extremely careful.

Cathryn, yours probably won't get as bad because you probably won't leave for a week at a critical point!

Kirsten, Mom helped him, but they are pretty sweet I think.

Kindra, I'm sure you'll get it done!

Auntie, loved it! and yes, he got his 6th tattoo as a tribute to men he knew that died beside him overseas.

mama bean, I just love your screen names btw, thank you! The span may not get better till they are grown up!

Shayne, thank you and it was fabulous!

faith buss, I couldn't change the angle and get rid of any of them! But your plants are bigger then ours.

Jess said...

Ack! Grass is the worst to weed out! I've been on my hands and knees raking and raking and digging and pulling. Good luck!