Tuesday, June 21, 2011

More random photos, some back from May...

Peek a boo!

Blowing fruity bubbles.

Riding his Mamaw's childhood scooter back in May.

Multi-tasking! *photo by Matthew

The zoo brought animals, from around the world, for the kids to see, at last week's storytime. I fell in love with this silkie chicken. Look at those feet! And she was sooooooo soft.

So this past weekend was also our town's summer festival. It'd been such a week and so hot, humid, and stormy, we'd bypassed all the activities except for the flea market and the parade. At the parade, Matthew snagged some snakes from the fireworks float.

I think he is looking forward to the 4th.

Monday morning Matthew slipped outside and I caught him riding his new tricycle in his pjs and no shoes.

I forced him to at least put crocs on before he pulled his birthday wagon around. As usual, your gifts were a big hit Auntie!

We have 2 tree frogs that are loving the bugs that come to the window at night.

Finally, I think I'm caught up!

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Auntie said...

Which is Matthew's dominant hand? Left? Then he should balance on his left and push with his right. Or, vice versa. (Or at least try that if he is still having trouble.)
Frawrgs Forever!
Great blogs, as usual!!!