Saturday, June 4, 2011

Salty water

We went to Corpus Christi, to play at the beach, one day of our vacation. Entering town, there was American flags flying from equipment all over.

Some kids are scared of the ocean, but not this boy. He ran right in.

It was extremely windy, bringing big waves, so he needed a little help to stay upright.

While we were driving around we saw the USS Lexington, but we didn't visit it. We had a great time. The biggest thing Matthew had to say about it was that there was salty water that hurt his eyes! But he's ready to go back!


Mom said...

That looks like SO much fun!!!

Anonymous said...

A cowboy AND a beachboy too! COOL! Matthew just gets smarter & more handsome every day. Those waves look like monsters... u go boy!

Auntie said...

"Round round, I get around, yeah round round round round, I get around..."

Angela said...

LOL at "Auntie"- I'm glad you guys had fun at the beach and visiting Phil.

Angela said...

I "LOVE" the new photo for the blog. It looks like Matthew is standing on water. :)