Thursday, June 23, 2011

kinderGARDEN Thursday: week 8

Apparently we are ahead of the game this week, because I handed the camera to Matthew this morning and told him to take photos for today's post, before I saw that's our assignment for next week. Oh well. Each of our pepper plants has a big, probably full grown, pepper on it. *photo by Matthew

This guy and I played leapfrog in the garden today, he always manages to look wet, I wonder if he's a frog.

Matthew's tomato plant has a tiny tomato. It's that little blurry round thing up by the sun.

Sunflowers that are still alive. *photo by Matthew

All my other squash and gourds were pretty much duds this year, so I planted tons of luffa gourds on the hope that 1 would come up. I wasn't prepared for over 7 plants to come up! While watering, I transplanted some so they aren't so crowded. Crossing fingers in works. If not, oh well.

Marigolds are starting to bloom.

The radishes are light hogs. I pulled one today in the vain attempted to give a pattypan light and then just transplanted it instead. Then because only one 1 looked good, I went out and planted 3 more seeds. I'm only 2 months late, why stop replanting now???

Matthew got a mermaid last Friday. It lives in various areas of his garden patches.

His tomato plant is huge and doing great! It has tons of blooms, so we'll hope for alot of tomatoes.

Some of the tomato volunteers are getting big too.

Matthew has been learning the joy of picking your very own sun warmed strawberry, at the peak of yummy-ness. He wants us to start planting other fruit bushes. I can't wait to be home and do that myself.

Nastrisums are starting to bloom.

*photo by Matthew

I think our odd radishes are just about ready to pick. Apparently they need to be small, around a french green bean size. You can eat them raw, stir fried, or pickled. I wonder if a pickled radish would be yummy...


Auntie said...

And I actually got to meet the garden in person last weekend! Very impressive. You two got so much in one small place. (It looks HUGE from the photos.)

Mom said...

I am amazed at how much growth has occurred since last week! And I love the frog type creature. It is so spotted, not like any I've seen before.

Angela said...

If you decide to pickle radishes I would be willing to sample one; I'm not fond of radishes in general but maybe a pickled one would make me change my mind. The garden looks great; I wish my tiny patch would do something other than grow weeds and a few carrots.

The author said...

Auntie, it is small, but we do have alot going on.

Mom, it's so fun to track it.

Angela, I've tried the radish and decided it might be delish. We'll have to see...

Mama Bean said...

Matthew's pictures are great! Pickled radishes are yummy, they are common in Korean and Japanese cooking. It's neat to have the spicy and sour mix :)

NorthernBaby said...

He's a great little photographer!

Kindra said...

love the little frog daughter would go gaga for him!

Kirsten said...

everything is growing so well! matthew got some great pics!

i'm excited to see how your luffa turn out. i saw them in one of kiddo's gardening books that he got from the library - showed how to make the luffa sponges and everything. i really debated about whether to try them this year, but figured we were trying enough new things without adding another (large) one to the mix. ;)

Michele said...

Your lil man is a great photog! Can't wait to hear about the luffah, I'm intrigued. Everything is looking good.

Auntie said...

Frogs - skinny waists, long legs, excellent jumpers. Look at images of Southern Leopard Frogs.

inadvertent farmer said...

Your garden looks awesome! Wish my sunflowers were that big! Great job with the camera, love to see through the eyes of our kiddos!

Please let us know how the Luffa thing turns out, I would love to give them a try...but you first, lol! Kim

The author said...

I think it might be the plains leopard frog. Good suggestion Auntie.

Mama Bean, you have a suggestion of a yummy dish to put them in?

Northern Baby, thank you!

Kindra, I'm thrilled to have him in the garden.

Kirsten, I tried one other year and didn't get any, lots of other gourds though. We'll cross fingers that they got going in time.

Michelle and Kim, thank you and I'll update on the luffas as they go.

Callie said...

I want to branch out this next year and try some different veggies, how fun! I just read how good frogs are for gardens to eat up bugs, slugs, etc. Hopefully that guy will help you out! Garden is beautiful!