Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Beating the heat

Boy is it hot. The summer heat has started, but we are finding ways to have fun anyway.

Everyday we've been watering, it's just that hot and dry.

We found a luna moth and had a wonderful time watching it.

Matthew turned off the soggy doggy so the moth would quit getting wet.

The iris are done for the season and the lilies are starting.

The purple clover and the strawberries are intermingling.

What have the rest of you been up to this week?


Kirsten said...

even in the heat, you managed to beat back those weeds! the garden looks lovely.

what fun to watch the moth! i've never seen one before.

Auntie said...

I've been helping pack. Inside in the A/C. And now that I am done for the day I am eating an Edy's fruit bar (adult popsickle.) Your summer looks more fun than mine has been, so far!

Erin said...

Crazy hot! I think I'll be staying inside for the next couple of days!

The author said...

Kirsten, it took 3 days of intense effort (and the help of 3 people that wandered through), but I did it! It's good that I'm more heat tolerant than most. Luna moths are my favorite!

Auntie, at least you're packing in A/C! I love those adult popsicles!

Erin, I don't blame you, but I can't stand it and go out to check the plants several times a day!

Angela said...

I agree with Auntie your summer looks more fun than mine. I have spent this week trying to put out "fires" at work and get an experiment up and running. Not fun, not fun at all. :(

I love Luna Moths; the only one I have seen this summer was in a car grill.

Auntie said...

I think I get more like you every day! We were out in the yard while one guy did the final tie-off in the moving truck--hot, humid, sweaty weather, and I loved it. I tell people that I can be hot and sweaty and miserable as well as the next person. And maybe better. (meaning I don't mind it)