Thursday, May 26, 2011

kinderGARDEN Thursday: week 4

It's been a very slow week. We've had such lovely rain, that we only had to water 1 time this week. And my great helper took it upon himself to water what needed to be watered. His watering can is in TX, so we have to use what we can find.

He had so much fun that he watered some plants that didn't. All the same stuff is growing as last week. We did some weeding in between showers. The carrots are starting to get their real leaves and Matthew is refusing to thin at this time. The squash is steadfastly refusing to sprout. I have even planted more. I might order some more in case the seed is too old.

We started the great strawberry experiment again. We water from below and mist on top. I want to keep the varieties in their sections. I'm so protective of them, this pot is already packed in the car to head south tomorrow. I know, there's something wrong with me!

And the biggest news around here is that we've have hummingbirds! We saw them buzzing our iris and peonies Monday, and then when they were buzzing the red coleus at the end of the walk, we knew we needed to make sugar water pronto! So far, this is the best shot I've managed to get. I'm going to keep stalking them.

Hopefully the garden can take care of itself because we're going to be gone till next Thursday. Beach, here we come!

To read Kim's post, go here.


inadvertent farmer said...

I love to watch hummingbirds...that is a great shot! We haven't even planted carrots yet (too wet) so I'm jealous that yours are up already.

I had a hard time with squash and bell peppers germinating this year, maybe me seeds are getting old too.

Wonderful post as always! Kim

Michele said...

Such a great hummingbird picture! Hoping we attract some to our yard this year. Before buying new seeds, maybe you could try pre=sprouting on some wet paper towels in ziplocs and put in a warm place for a day or too. Michele

Kirsten said...

I LOVE hummingbirds!

Big news at our house - I got ONE squash to sprout. Rrgh. Will have to replant.

Have a great time at the beach!

Cathryn said...

OOhh, you caught him mid-air!
Have fun at the beach! We usually go too but not this weekend-too cold here!

Auntie said...

You two are doing great work gardening!
I liked your hummingbird shot.
Matthew looks more grown up every day. Part of it may be the traditional boys' summer uniform of blue jeans and bright white tee's.
Enjoy your trip!

Allison said...

Love the hummingbird photo!

Kindra said...

Very cool hummingbird shot! Enjoy the vaca!

Mama Bean said...

Great capture on the hummingbird! I love when the rain keeps us from the work of watering :)

The author said...

Thanks for all the kind comments about the hummingbird everyone. I just love them.

Shayne said...

Hooray for hummingbirds! They are an amazing, beautiful part of nature, and it feels like such a gift to have them visit around the house. Enjoy those tiny friends. :)

Jess said...

How neat that you were able to get a shot of a hummingbird, that is no easy feat! Hope you have a great week, and I love that you're taking your strawberry plant with. Hee hee!