Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Track and Rain

We got up early yesterday morning to walk with the second graders to and from their track and field day. Boy have track and field day changed from my youth. In my day, there was events like the relay race, potato sack race, high jump, long jump, and 50, 100 yard dash. Today there is some running but more events like foxtail, softball throw, tin can race, shuffle run, and hitting the ball of the T-ball stand. I miss the old events. Dare I say they were better? Now it lasts 2 hours, back when I was little, it was an all day event. At least they still get ribbons.

15 minutes after we got the second graders back to the school, it started to rain. It stopped and then in the evening we had storm after storm hit. Luckily, no tornadoes or hail, but the wind was wild. I'm sure the garden is happy for the over 2" it received! The toad certainly seemed to like it.


Auntie said...

Hoppy,happy Toad!
I forgot to ask your mom about Field Day. I bet she was glad you were there to help!

Auntie said...

These past 2 posts are just perfect--one or two of them a week and the fan club feels filled in. Of course the long ones are wonderful, but I bet they take a huge amt of time. You are so kind to keep us out-landers updated!

Angela said...

I have never heard of some of those field day events. May be it is just us "older" folks because my school did the same events as yours except for the potato sack race. My school was big enough that the 1-3-graders had their events in the morning while the older kids watched and then switched in the afternoon.