Friday, May 6, 2011


Matthew's Poppa retired 11 years ago. By time my Dad was 10 he was driving tractors, doing simpler jobs like plowing, and by the age of 12 he was combining. By 19, he was getting his own contracts to farm plots of land, independent of his father. At one time, he farmed over 1000 acres of land.

That's all he wanted to do and loved. The farmers on either side of his family go back farther then we know. When my Dad retired, it broke my heart. I almost feel like our soil runs in my blood. It calls to me. I answer that call by gardening, but there are days I wish I could have joined my Dad in the farming operation.

Today Matthew and I helped Dad drill wildflower seeds into our CRP ground. It was a really thrilling moment for me, as I haven't seen him on a tractor farming for so long and Matthew never. I'm so glad we were home to share this day with him.


Kirsten said...

oh, i'm so glad you and matthew got to share today with your dad. a precious memory! :)

Mom said...

How very special. I loved the pictorial and word tribute to your dad! It brought back memories for me.

Auntie said...

Nice, nice story!
Is there a reason you can't farm, at least on a smaller scale? It looks like there is equipment, and your dad is really a good teacher, for things you don't know. He could coach you. You are still a very young woman. Do you think your hubby would understand your deployment to farming?

The author said...

Kirsten and Mom, thank you!

Auntie, I've talked with Phil about getting a little tractor and planting on our land, sortof a CSA thing. We've also talked about taking over a field and starting a pumpkin patch, but for now I think it's just dreams. I don't know if I have the stamina to stand the worry about big loans and what Mother Nature may or may not give us. Dad and I were talking last night and used tractors are selling incredibly high now. All Dad has is the tractor. We sold off everything else. So start up wouldn't be cheap. I'll keep pondering it.

Auntie said...

I figured that was your drill.
I saw a toy Farmall tractor in a Vintiques store. Tag said it was a two piece set for $36--tractor and cart. Here is the kicker--the "cart" was a manure spreader!
CPR and CSA -- don't know them.
Keep pondering.

The author said...

Haha, that's because it's supposed to be CRP! Stands for conservation reserve program. Basically a little wildlife preserve. CSA is community supported agriculture. You grow it and produce a sack of fresh food all summer long, sometimes flowers too, and they pay you a membership fee that provides the money to plant it. I love that idea!