Sunday, May 15, 2011

Parks and Racing

We've had a busy weekend. Here a a few photos of what we did.

My life revolves around knowing what park my son wants to go to. Each has it's own name. Blue park, horse park, and school park are the names here. Last night Matthew and I went to "blue park." This is the park I went to when I was little, if I got to go to the park.

"Blue" park because they painted the swings blue.

Today we popped by the school park.

Quite the little monkey.

Yesterday I did alot of work on a project Dad and I are working on. This is me on my Dad's twin engine Model T Ford racecar. It is a very rare racecar from 1920. One because normally they were wrecked and junked and...

...because it had 2 engines. It was actually raced on dirt track races at the very beginning of the birth of American racing. This car was a family friends car. My Granddad had a Buick and raced against this car. We have a newspaper clipping where my Granddad took 1st in a race! During WWII, my Granddad's car was stolen for scrap metal. The men that drove cars like this up to 80 miles an hour, were very brave men. I remember my Mom holding me while we drove down the road (I was probably 4) and I had to get off! The pavement went by too fast for me.


Kirsten said...

what a cool car!!

Auntie said...

That is great that you and your dad have a project of your own.

Mom said...

I'm happy that you all have great projects!

The author said...

Kirsten, thank you, I'm proud of it.

Auntie and Mom, I'm glad too, but I'm not getting far on some of it!