Wednesday, April 8, 2009

We're back!

New tulips I bought.

Help! I'm trapped in your shorts! They are the boa constrictors of clothes. I'm dying, don't take my picture, SAVE ME!

By the grace of God I killed those dumb shorts.

I love decorating my arm with all my mom's scrunchies.

Matthew: I'm gonna get this puppy. I'm gonna wrestle him to the ground. Puppy: Is there someone on me?

Matthew: This puppy's tough... Puppy: Honestly, is the kid on me?

We're back, online that is. The highlights you've missed are this: Saturday Matthew was slightly traumatized by the fact that the neighbor cattle were herded down the road. We had to keep having discussions about about how the cattle went to live at Bailey's, but they would be back in the fall. Later we attended a benefit carnival and I ran into an old classmate who wanted to know why I wasn't selling my art, because I was great in high school. Gulp, guess I really should get back to it.

Monday I realized that one of our upstairs windows shattered over the weekend. It will take 2 weeks to get the replacement in. Monday night I put Missy out to potty one last time before bed. And that's where it got interesting. I heard that worst yelp in the world. I turned the porch light on and opened the door. There was Missy streaking through the yard with 2 coyotes chasing her. I did the only possible thing I could; I started screaming bloody murder. All "dogs" stopped and stared at me. That's when the yappy yorkie came out and she turned and started telling them off. I screamed at her to get in the house and screamed some more since they thought about chasing her in the house. Once she was in, I kept looking outside. One coyote was brave and stayed in the yard. I finally scared it off by flapping the curtains. Missy was fine and Matthew never flinched a muscle.

Today I finally got my computer back and Phil came home tonight. Never a dull moment here!


Auntie said...

WELCOME BACK! I've missed you, and hope that computer continues to cooperate, for the good of your fan club. OMG, coyotes in your yard! How are you going to solve that one?

Anonymous said...

Anne, are those the tulips you were telling me about (the pagan ones?) If so tell me the name again, I think I want some of my own- AMT

Mom said...

I like those tulips! It's a good thing your puppy is so laid back!

The author said...

I have no idea what I'm going to do about the coyotes. A friend suggested installing some wind chimes. Hopefully it was a very rare event, not to be repeated.

No, these are some sort of parrot tulips. I bought them at the grocery store. Only name I have is "Assorted Bulbs". Pagan's Ritual is actually a daylily.

Yes, we are lucky Scamp's so good natured. It's perfect for a growing boy.

Anonymous said...

Love the bou & dog "thing" between them. Their budding friendship is heart-warmimg. Patient Puppy, huh?!Your artistry with the blog is so evident! I agree that your talents could be shared, per your high school friend, but what a full life you have already: and potty-training too! Yikes, coyotes are too brave! Very scary!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the plant info - I feel like an idiot (tulip vs day lily) so I'll remind you that I avoided plant Taxonomy & took Dendrology(trees) instead but I SOO ROCK on insects - AMT