Monday, April 27, 2009

Many changes

Iris buds!!!

I want that bunch of feathers...

...air kitty...

...I didn't get it, how embarrassing, I must sharpen my skills...

Playing with our car on the slide. When I went to get my camera he was actually sitting on it.

What a wild weekend. Let me back up and start at the beginning. Friday morning we did go and dig some more tulips and grape hyacinths. While there I dug some plants that would just be mowed off anyway. We came home and Matthew napped while I planted. I finished in time to hop in the shower and go to work. Meanwhile I decided to stay home and protect my son's room from the coming rain, when my Dad told me to see if the lumber yard could come put up plywood over it till the new window came in. Yes they could, so I packed for KC. After work I ran home, got the pets and flew to my parents. I helped my mom put in the plants I got for her and dropped off the pup. I threatened him to be good. Around 8pm we were on our way again for Phil's.

Over the weekend we helped Phil pack and clean. Saturday the weather started to get bad. There was a tornado, but it wasn't close. Bailey texted me to say that Matthew would be pleased to find his cows were moved back! And we got to finally eat at Honeybaked Ham because we actually went when they were open.

Sunday the weather prevented Matthew and I from going home, but I got to have coffee with my aunt.

This morning we got up with Phil and drove a carload of stuff home. It rained on us some, but nothing too major. All along the way I saw swollen rivers and streams. Once I got to my parents I was overjoyed to see that Scamp hadn't taken out any of Mom's plants. When I came out of their house, to reload the car so I could squish the pup in, I was not overjoyed to see he'd ripped out one of her grasses. GRRR. So I had to replant it with the ground very soggy. We packed up and drove home. On the way I dropped something off at my boss's house. She mentioned that it had rained very hard Sunday night. And it must have. I came home to a full rain gauge or in other words 4". That's alot of rain, even over a weekend. But I'm sure it will be very excellent for my plants. In fact I think that encouraged some of my iries to send up buds. They hadn't been there before I swear! You know how I stalk my plants and all. I'm so excited. I've complained many times before, but I'll say it again for all you newcomers, only 1 clump has bloomed (last summer) so I can't wait to have them all bloom. (This is only the 3rd summer we've been here. And again for the newcomers, there was nothing here but grass, so the oldest stuff is 3 yrs old, at least to this lawn.) So I have no idea what colors I have, and I know I have more then just plain purple. Unfortunately the weather must have snapped one of the blooms off, so I stuck it in water, just in case it wants to ripen and bloom. Well, I must be off to get ready for work! And sadly we haven't caught a glimpse of the neighbor cattle yet.

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Mom said...

That is such a cute picture of Isabel. She looks really grumpy! Matthew sure thinks up a lot of ways to use his indoor playground!