Monday, April 27, 2009

Holy cows

If you open your eyes and look in a different direction, you shall find what you seek. Fortune cookies wisdom? No, finding cows wisdom.

I literally got up to get ready for work and hello cows. And boy are they starved for over the fence chatting. If one cow sees one of us come out, boy howdy, here they come. This delights the small boy to no end. He jigged, he giggled, he mooed, he laughed like a hyena, he ran in circles, he hopped, he jumped in mud puddles...all to express his gladness to have his beloved friends home. He cried when I took him away from his friends too soon. He told them "bye cows" all the way to work. All it took to tear him away from Bailey tonight was to say, "Wanna go home and see the cows?" Cows are the cats meow. The dogs had wonderful fun barking at them. Fortunately these cows aren't jumpy and don't mind much at all. Scamp was getting so froggy, he started trying to play with them through the fence. I sincerely hope he doesn't take it up a level and go to their side of the fence. I doubt they'd take it so calmly. I'd really hate to have to get or make that call. The call of "um, your dog/my dog caused my cattle/your cattle to stampede today and they're in the next county now..." I shudder to imagine more. So for now, we'll leave it as friendly over the fence chatting has resumed with our dear neighbors. I mean they even showed Matthew how to lick the snot out of ones nose today. Why didn't I kept my camera out at all times. It could have been an tutorial. Darn.

P.S. Matthew's new fav word in addition to the popular "no" is "no way." Thanks Angela, I'm laughing all the way.


Auntie said...

How old does a kid have to be to have a bucket calf?

Mom said...

Matthew is plenty old enough for a bucket calf--it's his mom who is too old for one!!! Teehee... I'm glad the 'neighbors' are back!!!

The author said...

I think my own mom just insulted me!