Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Thank you to all the wonderful friends and family that quickly zapped numbers back to me! I am starting to feel like myself again and am learning the quirks of this different phone. I had to smile because the ASP kids immediately noticed I had a new phone and had to quiz me on the hows and whys. The cell phone people tried to get my old numbers switched over, and it would have worked, but my old cell phones connector port was so stripped they couldn't. I knew it was bad. I haven't been able to charge it easily for months or a year maybe. I love my new phone charger port, so simple and unable to get messed up. Ahhhh... And I've talked alot on it and it still has an awesome charge. I could make one 10 min call on my old phone and it'd have a low battery. So I guess it's the best of all worlds. Except for the lost numbers. I have been given some excellent ideas on ways to prevent this, so I'll be working on an backup plan.

Other then the cell phone switch out, we went shopping and I left my jacket in the cart. I was sure it was going to be the second coat that someone swiped, but it was still there when we got there. I helped Phil load his motorcycle before I left for work and he left for KC again. Matthew and I did the Dance, Dance Revolution together at work. We came home and ate. After that he talked to the cattle and I weeded half of my flower beds. With all the rain they were getting a little unruly. As soon as it's less soggy at my parents, I'll be weeding there, my grandmom's, and thinning the iries on a family plot. It's a full life I tell you!

PS I can't believe people already have irises blooming! I saw them all over today, but of course not at my house. It's so disappointing I tell you.


Mom said...

How nice that your jacket was still there! And best of all that your phone actually holds a charge! Now maybe we can actually have a nice long visit without your phone hanging up on us!

Bren said...

Wonderful to meet you! Thank you for adding me to your follow list. I am going to add you so I can see your Iris' when they start to bloom. Mine still have a good 2-3 weeks till they put on a show.
Happy spring new friend.