Monday, April 13, 2009

Sugar high letdown

We are riding the waves of sugar highs tonight. I guarantee that we will all sleep like babies from the amount of sugar products consumed lately. We had a fabulous Easter and Matthew gained way too much stuff, amen. We now have 2 bunnies that jiggle and sing Easter songs to the boy. Of course he is very taken with them. Mom and Dad try to ignore them! But it's a right of passage I'm sure. I received a singing bunny from my Grandmom probably around 3rd grade. It sang the Easter Parade. I wonder where it is and if it still works...(note to self: Dig deeper in the pit called your childhood room.) I'm now wondering how to store all our wonderful spring/Easter stuff...(2nd note to self: start buying plastic tubs-running out of decent sized boxes and diaper boxes are NOT cutting it.) (3rd note to self: holiday storage room is running out of room-make plans to enlarge house.)

Phil left for home today while Matthew and I went to run the afterschool program. Matthew spotted Bailey and abandoned Mom completely. So much for the Mother-Son connection. When I went to retrieve him, he threw a complete temper tantrum because I dared to remove him from a "shake and go car" that another little boy had brought. I'm sooooo thoughtless. Sigh. I'm exhausted from all the sugar, I mean the day, so I'm off to bed!


Auntie said...

I LOVE your running commentary on your lives. Not quite like being there, but your life is waay too exciting for this old bat to cope with in person. I need the quiet KC life.

Guess who! said...

YES! PLEASE dig deeper in that pit called your childhood room! Anytime! Really! (Old bat???)