Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Making friends

Matthew, Missy, and I decided it was high time to get to know our neighbors tonight. Scamp would have, but he's a chicken and all, so he stayed behind and cried. So around 7:30pm we decided to put our plan in action and took to our heels. We walked straight west till we met our fence line and we were there. We started talking to our neighbors and the magic started. We were talking to the neighbor's cows. Matthew was totally excited and smiled for the next 20 mins. Missy kept going under the fence, wagging her tail, to show our goodwill. At first they were only around 20 ft. from the fence, but the little man and mostly the Yorkie, really drew them in. The closest they got was about 5 ft. away. One brave cow or I should probably say, heifer, kept trying to touch noses with Missy. The problem was that in attempting to sniff Missy, this made loud snorting noises, that worried Missy. This would lead her to start barking and they would back up again. But this particular bovine was so intent on touching noses, that after 5 attempts, the magic finally happened. Yes ladies and gentlemen, a Yorkie and an Angus touched noses for about 5 seconds. Finally I decided that the sun was down enough it was time to go home and put the boy to bed. So we said goodbye to our new friends and promised to visit again soon. After all, what are neighbors for?


Auntie said...

How cool is that?! Matthew's first visit with cows is something he will probably remember. Maybe Scamp will be braver next time, now that he knows what His Boy and his sister dog did.

Mom said...

What a delightful story about a lovely evening's visit with the neighbors! And a wonderful time was had by all!!!

dwindlingdreams79 said...

That is so cute! I really miss the country scene! don't get me wrong I like living close to the beach but I just don't like all the people! it is so crowed and they keep building and tearing down trees( which half of the building are sitting empty!!) I miss having a yard and being able to talk walks on the country roads, here I walk but you have 10 million cars going by and everyone staring!! I know it is hard to believe but I even miss cows:) I would love to like in the country like you do! your one lucky gal!!!!