Monday, March 23, 2009

Break pictures

What my son learned to do today. 1. Drag worm over to bookcase.

2. Climb onto the saddle of the worm.

3. Stretch up and grab all the wonderful paints that Mom keeps up to high for me to reach and have fun stamping books and painting the walls. (4. Hope Mom doesn't intercept you before you get some good work done.)


Beep, beep

Isabel, are you a licensed driver?

This car smells...

It's winter! Not!

I'm determined to drive this car, in the hot weather with my winter coat on!

Chillin' in the car.

Surveying our parking job.

Out of sheer boredom at Phil's he took to lining his cars and stroller up.

I've wanted to take this picture for about a year now. I've watched them tear down everything, but this barn and the silos. This farm had to go in the name of more freeways. It of course, makes me sad. Out with the old, in with the new.


Mom said...

Wow! That's pretty good problem solving for Matthew. Nothing is safe now! What fun pictures!

susan said...

What a bright and busy boy! Bet his mama sleeps well at night trying to keep up. See you atop Everest someday. How sad that the old barn is going for a FREEWAY. I hope that Kansas isn"t following in California's path! The only permanent landmark here is Disneyland and even it isn't the same. (like the Blob, absorbs everything in it's path.)

The author said...

I do sleep well, just never enough! I think that some parts of Kansas are following California.