Wednesday, March 4, 2009


or a homeless puppy.

Hello, my name is Scamp. I'm in need of a home badly. I'm a mixed breed and very sweet.

Ok, so I'm heck on plants and siding, but I'm one heck of a digger. Need to dig for water lines? My paws are at your service. Need to dig out buried people? Adopt me and I'll save the day.

Just call quickly as this lady I stay with is pretty angry. Dial 911 if I go missing...

Hopefully this will stop the little bugger, so the tulips have a chance to rebound from the double trauma. See that huge hole? I had to use the rest of my leftover potting soil to try and fill it almost ground level.

One happy boy spinning in his 4th pair of pants for the day and 2nd shirt. This accounts for why the top and bottom don't exactly go together.

And the spinning continues.

Sporting the accidental "gangsta" look.

Oh I just love my table!

What a day! I had been hoping Matthew would wake up in a great mood (he did) and be fever free (he wasn't). One out of two ain't bad, but it meant we had to stay home all day. It was on the bubble being 100.2, so since by 2 it'd dropped to 98.8, we should be ok to go to school tomorrow. I'm really hoping so since I hope to go to a meeting about my Grandmom's care also.

Anyway, staying home was fine, because obviously I needed to be on the scene to keep replanting the tulips that had been doing sooo well. I'm a little peeved. No, I won't get rid of the puppy or kill him, but jeez. He just has to be a digger. I am wondering if the sprays they sell, like Dog Be Gone, or whatever, work. If so, I'm investing in gallons and spraying it on ALL my plants. No, the tulips weren't that expensive or special, but I have no idea what kind they are (grocery store special) and they are mine. And I want them to stay planted. He can dig a foot deep hole somewhere else in the yard. I promise not to complain, unless Matthew or the lawn mower get lost in it. I hope that the tulips will still reroot and shoot up more sprouts, since he managed to break all of the sprouts off. GRRRR. Oh, and I noticed that he had decided to chew on our expensive siding in a couple of spots.

Matthew is working hard today on saying, "One, two," as in he'll be 2 soon. He said, "My mommy's back" after I came back in from the second tulip planting. He can now say and point out goldfish and butterflies in at least one book. He's very big into saying "puppy". But he refers to Missy as a dog. Smart boy. Or at least a good copier.


Mom said...

Uh-oh. Maybe a momma rabbit was sniffing out the veggies there and Scamp was digging to help her out. You may have baby rabbits in that hole soon!

Auntie said...

Scamp says he needs to be inside with his boy.
Is he housebroken?

Suddenly you disappeared off

Alias said...

Cut chicken wire to cover your flower beds, extending at least a foot beyond what needs protecting. Bury the outer edges with dirt. Cut an X and fold the tabs up, for each plant as it sprouts.

There is nothing sweeter than the cry of a digger whose paws scrape the wire. They rarely do it twice.

The author said...

Thanks for the info! We have some and will try to work on that next weekend. I have tiger lilies coming up I planted last fall also. I'm hoping Scamp continues to ignore the patch till they get bigger!