Thursday, March 26, 2009

Warm before the potential storm

Swinging, drinking juice, and admiring our skills.

For the first time ever, Matthew put his shoes on by himself. Unfortunately, they were on the wrong feet.

Monday, when the wind was blowing 50 miles an hour, it was kicking up so much dirt it looked like this.

We aren't having a heat wave, but it's decently warm out. But according to the weather experts by time Matthew and I wake up, it may have been snowing for an hour. We may have a foot of snow in total. Ick. It's MARCH! SPRING has officially SPRUNG! What is going on here?

Driving wise, Matthew and I are golden. We spent the morning getting brand new tires on the 4-Runner. We also ran up to see Great-Grandmom. She was so asleep that she didn't have a clue we were there. So we left and hung out with Grandpa instead. Then we met Grandma for for a quick lunch and went back to see if Great-Grandmom was awake. She wasn't. But it was lunch time, so we decided that we might as well be the ones to wake her. She tried to get us to go away and finally it filtered in that I had called her "Grandmom" and she put me in my place. She most indignantly told me twice, "I'm not your Grandmom." She finally got woke up enough to admit she was my Grandmom and we hung out with her for an hour. We even went to eat with her. She has a new toy in her room for Matthew to play with. He likes it so much I had to tear him away. Now we're home and he's snoozing. But not for long. In fifteen minutes, we'll need to walk out the door for work. Sometimes it's nice to have busy days.


dwindlingdreams79 said...

sounds like you had a busy day!!!! It is interesting how much kids like to look in the mirror! Brayden loves to dance in front of it and talk to himself. well hope you have a nice weekend..and Sorry about the snow!!

Mom said...

This grandma was delighted to see you two at lunch! Your dust picture is impressive. Aren't you glad it isn't as dry as it was in the 30's during those dust bowl days??? If it snows like they say it might, I hope you get to stay home!

susan said...

What a full and fun day! I especially was thrilled that you met "neighbor" cows. How very special for your son to grow up with SPACE and the freedom to breathe. Uncrowded acres right outside the front door are unimagionable here in the OC; and magical in my mind. The dust pic reminds me of visiting my mom"s home town, Garden City, KS, years ago: a small dust storm blew through and actually choked-off our car engine!