Monday, March 9, 2009

The verdict...


too much stomach acid. I am to take Zantac 2 times a day for 2 weeks and see how it goes. Why so much stomach acid? Could be anything from a weak muscle to stress. I'm to elevate the head of my bed. That could be interesting. We'll see if it helps. After 2 weeks, I'm to only take it at night for a week and then try to not take it, but I may have to for life. Interesting. Turning 30 is obviously not going well for me.

Matthew found a new way to tell Serena, the little girl that bugs him, she's too much today. While she hopped up and down in his face and YELLED at him, he balled up his fists, held them at shoulder level and SCREAMED at her. That got the point across enough the daycare people made her move. Amen. I'll take it. (I'd believe my son could out scream a girl any day. He's ear piercing.) Over the weekend, he reminded his Grandmom, "Don't forget that." AKA: Don't leave my sippy cup behind. He was really furious with me today for not bringing his sippy cup with us to the doctor's. How was I supposed to know the actual visit would be quick, but the pharmacy would need 50 minutes to fill a Zantac script? Good grief.

I decided that it would be wise, when we arrived home today, for me to "screen in" all my sprouting tiger lilies with more old house screens. I would cry if all my lilies got dug up. So far no tulip sprouts. I'm still hoping. They've had a nice gentle rain. Maybe that will nudge them along. Rainwater is miracle water.

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