Sunday, March 1, 2009

Wrong way to travel down the stairs

"Back, back, back, rock, rock, rock" Matthew's version of Grandpa's famous tune that goes "Rock, rock, back and forth."

The 3 caps Matthew stacked. He was so proud he had to come say, "TADA!" Then we had to come admire them.

Trying to yank Grandpa's cap off the chair.

Piling the caps on our head.

The acorn hat returns...

It was an adventurous weekend for our family. Friday we had planned to spend the night at my parents, but Mom wasn't sure if she was getting sick or not. I erred on the side of caution and stayed home. Saturday we were supposed to get up super early and take off to see my one of my best friends, Audrey. At 6 am, I discovered it was snowing and decided to go back to bed, so I could see how bad it was in the light. By 8 am, I was discussing the situation with Mom (who felt fine) and almost decided not to go. Around 8:45 am, I decided it would be ok and flew around getting ready. By time we left the house, I should have already been to my friend's house. I dropped all the "kids" off with the grandparents and took off. I made it in time for lunch. (Thank goodness because I skipped breakfast in favor of speed.) We had a great time chatting, drinking our mandatory marg, and doing a little shopping. All too soon I had to leave. I made it in time to my parents for a slightly late supper. Matthew was finally feeling fit again and had a blast with them. Dad was so tickled by something Matthew did. It went like this: Matthew kept doing something he wasn't supposed to and Dad kept telling him no. After several go-rounds, Matthew went to do it again, only this time he looked at his Grandpa, shook his finger, and said, "No, no, no, no!"

We had a very peaceful evening and I put Matthew to bed around the normal time. About 10 pm I went to check on him and he was sitting up, so I brought him back down to cuddle. He chose to cuddle with his Grandma and fell back asleep. Close to 11 pm, I took him back up. The stairs creaking woke him up, so I decided it would be best to try and go back down quieter. This was a mistake. I put one foot on the edge of the step and went to take another step. Next thing I knew my little socked feet were sailing out from under me and I was going down. Then 3 mind numbing jars, as I bounced down another 3 steps, before coming to a halt. It felt like I sat there forever. This of course made much more noise than just walking down the stairs would have. In fact it sounded so bad to Matthew, he started crying. I limped down the rest of the stairs to meet both parents at the end. I managed to hurt one side of my rump, as well as the elbow on that side. I'd landed on it before, so it's super painful. On the other side of my body, I managed to catch my toe that I broke 3 1/2 years ago. It felt numb until I managed to limp back up the stairs to bed. Good grief. If it wasn't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all!

Today we hung out and Mom and I worked on some projects. One was an advent quilt we got 3 1/2 years ago and the other were jeans that needed mending (some for as long as maybe a year?) It was great to get my jeans mended. Matthew worked on being really cute and expanding his vocab. Here are the highlights: "I drop, uh-oh" This was repeated several times as he attempted to pick up the books he dropped. "I do teeth." Obviously he wanted to brush those teeth. Dad said, "Boo" to him and he put his finger to his mouth and said, "shhh." Dad worked with him on holding out his hands to caught a ball, but he would only hold out one and he used it to point. It was fairly ineffective. We'll keep working on it.

Hope everyone is staying warm. At least all of you not blessed with a beach nearly in the backyard! And everyone cheer, Phil scored a 98% on his first test! Yah!


Mom said...

It was a WONDERFUL weekend (except for the stair incident!) I bet Matthew sleeps well tonight after having to entertain the grandparents all weekend! Congratulations to Phil--we are very proud of him. He has worked so hard and has really earned those good grades!

dwindlingdreams79 said...

Sorry to hear that you fell on the stairs!! Matthew is growing like a weed! I am sure he loves spending time with his wonderful grandparents!! Tell your mom HI for me:)