Monday, March 9, 2009


Sorry to go MIA on everyone. Thursday I woke up with a fiery tummy, that made me feel sick. I did manage to go to 45 mins. of work that day and go to my Grandmom's care plan. I was wiped out and in bed by 9pm. Friday I gathered us up and we went to KC with my Mom, to visit my aunt. We had fun, but it was a long tiring day for Matthew and I. Saturday I woke up with worse stomach problems then Thursday and stayed in bed half the day. Sunday I still had stomach issues. Today my tummy just feels uneasy, like the first day of school, or a little worse. I broke down and made an doctor's appointment, which will mean I miss more work. And here I thought I should get a full time job! I'd never make it!


Auntie said...

Seeing you, Matthew and your mom was a real treat!
There comes a time to seek medical advice. I stand by my assessment that you are a wise young woman.

Mom said...

I'm glad the doctor thought the problem wasn't too serious and that you have a prescription to make you feel better. Love you!