Thursday, March 27, 2008

Maybe tomorrow...

Yes, we are still awaiting an answer. Phil talked with the captain today and he said that he should have an answer for us tomorrow. (We're heard that before right?!) And the answer should include Manhattan or Topeka again, like promised earlier, so that means we would not have to move. So we wait. I hope that we don't have to pack. We have so much stuff now it would be a pain.

The weather today was misty and foggy well into the morning. The roofer came and gave up in defeat by 10:30 am. They tried to raise up the bay windows, but as usual the house threw up a challenge that couldn't be solved easily. Something about a gas line in the way and needing to dig and getting parts. Grrr. It's always something isn't it?

Matthew seemed to be feeling better in the morning, but by afternoon he seemed to definitely be getting a cold and not feeling his best. By time I got home from work he was working on a crusty nose, yuck. He also had a rough night last night which meant that mom and dad also had a rough night. He got up and cried for an hour and half. We could not figure out what he was so upset about. It probably didn't help all we wanted to do was go back to sleep! And why is it you can give your baby a basket full of toys and they'd rather sit in a lid to a storage tub, play with the front of their highchair, chew on a bottle of water and pull everything off the coffee table and throw it on the floor? This is all he wants to do now. "Toys are for babies" he'd probably tell me. "I'm a mover and shaker now, can't be tied down with those silly things." He definitely keeps us on our toes.

Ever wonder why this site is called About a Bug? Well, that would be my fault. Hours after I had him, I started calling him my bug-a-boo because he was so cute and precious. Also I think it's a cute word (even though he wasn't a bug-a-boo). Well, slowly over time he became my bug and more family members adopted that as a nickname, so it seemed only appropriate to call it about a bug, because isn't everything about the baby? He thinks so. So if you ever wondered, that's why. I'm so glad to hear from several of you that you are really enjoying this and it makes you feel closer and more in tune with us. That makes me really pleased. I enjoy writing it for you all. Happy reading!

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