Friday, March 14, 2008

More exciting news!

Tuesday Matthew and I did not attend a staff meeting, but a surprise party for my birthday! And it was a surprise! We ate real good food too. Homemade cake, brownies, baked beans and sloppy joes! I'm so lucky to work with such sweet co-workers and good cooks! While we were there Matthew got contraband brownie bites (thanks Stacie!) and he did something really exciting! He stood straight up all on his own without help or by pulling up on anything! It lasted for one second, but he did it. He is doing such amazing things. (You'd think he's the first baby to do any of this stuff!)

Wednesday we celebrated my birthday quietly with my parents. We ate some very good food at the Trails Day Bakery. I can't wait to go back. And we found out it is likely the Phil will be at a recruiting station within an hour of here, so mostly likely we aren't moving. Which is good news since in a month we're supposed to be wherever and we still aren't sure.

Yesterday Matthew definitely did not feel good. Talk about a fussy, fussy baby. I think that he has alot of teeth issues going on. He has 8 teeth I can see. 2 coming in and 6 fully in. But I think from bulges further back, that more are on the way and are giving him fits. He has taken to grinding his little teeth the last couple days. I can't stand that! It's like nails on a chalkboard. Then it was warmer then I thought it would be so I think he was cooking in his outfit, which meant he was roasting by time we got home. I felt so bad. Luckily he seems to feel better today. He has been having a wonderful time playing with the brand new, unused mop I bought. I thought I'd better include that because Phil was a little grossed out thinking was letting him shake a dirty used mop. (Like I would let my son play with a used mop. I know it'd have chemicals and dirt on it! GEEEEEZZZZZZ!)

Phil has called and told us he is on his way home. He graduated this morning and is finally free to come home. Hopefully by early afternoon tomorrow he will be here. Matthew can't wait to see his daddy. He has been practicing saying dada and papa the last couple of days. We'll see if he actually says them to Phil. So far I'm the only one who has heard it. But he says mama and mom to me all the time. Especially when he gets upset. Which is some days is alot since he's moving more and tumbling and whacking himself on his toys. Sometimes I don't know what's more dangerous the floor or his toys!

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