Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Easter (late of course)

We had a wonderful Easter. We ate lunch with my parents and then took Matthew to see his Great Grandmom. He enjoyed showing off all his newly learned skills. Mom and Dad gave us a really cool family gift basket that included a steering wheel for him. At home we had a Easter egg hunt with real hard boiled eggs. It went real slick until he decided to plop down on one. All I heard was a big squish and when he got up there was mashed egg all over his rump and the carpet. It was pretty funny. He got his own Easter basket at home and had a wonderful time shaking it. He also thought the bunny his Great Auntie gave him was pretty cool. I think he almost like the tissue paper that came with it more at that particular moment. And of course, no Easter is complete without a picture taken with the Easter goose. That's right. The Easter goose. Other families take pictures with the Easter bunny but we like our Easter goose just fine!

On the moving front, of course we still know nothing. In 20 days Phil has to be there and we have no idea where it is. Fun uh? Anyone want to switch places? He is now in the process of getting things ready to clear. One part of that is they will take our DOD stickers from us so we will have to get a pass every time we go on post. Now that frustrates me.

Yesterday big things began to happen at our house. The weather finally is nice enough that the roofer has come! Soon our house will have all the siding fixed, at least 3 windows replaced, new roof, rebuilt front porch, a new door into the house (this will allow us to get our bed upstairs yea!), and it will be painted. No more smashed peas color with peach trim! We are really excited. I'm not so excited to write the check, but the outcome will be good.

Well, I better go for now. The little man is trying to bite my toes so I think that means he's had it with me on the computer! Either that or he wants lunch.

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jen4music said...

I can't believe how old he looks. He adorable!!! I would still like to meet him. Some day hopefully