Friday, August 27, 2010

A very busy Thursday!

Storytime at the library started Thursday, and it was even more exciting because one of Matthew's best friend's Mom is the new children's librarian! He had an awesome time listening to stories and singing and of course, the Potato Head playing.

And the watercolor painting. Matthew did a great job for the first time!

After that it was time to head off to KC and go to the Halloween Masquerade at the Curious Sofa, my favorite store in the world. Every year they have a huge Halloween event, but I've never been able to go before. Because of my new work schedule, I was able to trade days and go.

I was so excited I took some photos on the way in. I've always wanted to meet the owner, Debbie Dusenberry. I didn't get to meet her, but I did get see actually see her in person, which was thrilling for me.

I knew from the outside it was going to be awesome. I wasn't disappointed. I hope Debbie posts photos from the inside. From the meet the artists post, I knew that I really, really wanted Lesa Dailey's owl artwork. In a bad way. Really bad.

I was 15 minutes late (arrived at 5:15), but by 5:30 I had snagged the last owl! There was a few sculptures left, but for the most part, all sold out. Several people told me I was extremely lucky to have snagged one, while I was waiting to pay for it.

I was so lucky. I think it's Amazing!

It was a perfect day. A very busy day, I ran all day, but it was perfect.


Anonymous said...

I'm happy that you got one! It is really amazing artwork and I like it too! Matthew did a good job on his artwork too!

Auntie said...

Yay! -- You got one! It looks grand. Ask your mom if she and I knew as much as 3 as Matthew does.

Angela said...

I love Matthews artwork (hint, hint); I'm glad you got the last owl and that you love it :)