Thursday, August 5, 2010

kinderGARDEN Thursday: week 17

It's kinderGARDEN Thursday again. It came fast this week. One of the biggest things happening this week in the garden was that Matthew decided that he should water with his watering can.

Since it's handle is hollow, it made a good spout too, he discovered.

But in the end it was easier to pour out of the spout.

We had a new crop of purple green beans ranging from 1"-3". We picked all 15-20 of them, boiled them green, and ate them, just so the bugs wouldn't get them first. I don't know if they really are a good as the Empress bean I grew one year, but they sure are fun. I just wish we could get a bumper crop going as Matthew never can get enough. I don't blame him. 1/2 a bean the first time and 7-10 baby ones that probably amounted to 3 normal green beans just isn't enough. We both tried one raw and decided that it was bitter and not good.

Something ate my lettuce right before I got there. NOOOOOOO!

Our 2nd tomato on a different bush.

Our first tomato is growing right along. I don't think they are going to make it to the salsa. I want to taste them!

Our pepper plant is super happy. One almost ready to pick and 9 more growing.

So it's not as lush as people's in the ground gardens, but it's producing finally.

This morning Matthew and I decided to replant the radishes. The sprout disappeared. Story of this garden year.

In fact I think the carrots disappeared too, unless they aren't carrot sprouts. I planted red ones and a red stemmed sprout I saw today. I confess I'm not so fond of radishes and carrots so I don't recognized them as well.

Mom, I need the hose. Planting radishes was dirty work.

I'll go ahead and water the house, I mean the garden, now that the hose is on.

The last thing Matthew has been having fun doing in the garden this week is digging in leftover soil.

He can do it for at least 15 mins and then HAS to use the hose to wash his hands and starts over.

After this pot gets filled he says, "Mom it's a birthday cake!"

And then it gets dumped out and the process repeats all over again.

Don't forget to go over and see The Inadvertent Farmer today. She has a guest speaker that talks about getting older kids in the garden by raising praying mantis cocoons. I really needed some of those mantis over at my pumpkin patch. It has been infested by squash bugs and I don't know if I took measures soon enough to save the poor vines or not. Time will tell. Anyway, I've never seen any cocoons for sale, but if we can find them, we might try that next year as well. Especially if they love squash bugs!

What's your garden story this week?


inadvertent farmer said...

Ahhh it does this gardener's heart good to see such a sweet little guy out in his very own garden! Oh I wish we had peppers that were even remotely close to being ready to pick!

Sorry about the you know what ate it? Kim

The author said...

Not a clue!

Erin said...

That is awesome that he likes beans so much! There's not much better than a kid in rubber boots, either, one of my favorite things!

faith buss said...

He's so cute out in his garden. You're doing a great job!

Mom said...

I think that 'birthday cakes' sound even better than the mud pies I used to make! I love how involved he is in his garden. I agree with all the previous comments! And I think this kinderGARDEN Thursday project is awesome! I think that all you moms are doing a wonderful thing for your children here, and it is so nice how you all support each other!

The author said...

Erin, I do love the boots on little boys. It just makes you have to grin. Matthew hated green beans from 6 months to 2yrs old. Finally he loves them. And carrots! Didn't get that from me!

faith buss, thank you again! We have alot of fun.

The author said...

Mom, birthday cakes do sound better don't they?

Kirsten said...

he is obviously having a ball. cute, cute post. love the birthday cake. :)

The author said...

Kirsten, I'm just glad that he didn't ask me to eat that birthday cake!