Thursday, August 26, 2010

kinderGARDEN Thursday: week 20

I can basically sum up this week in 3 words. Water, wait, plant.

We watered alot with cooler water. The rain filled it completely up with rainwater, yea!

The waiting. Waiting for our 2 tomatoes to grow. They are, slowly.

2nd tomato growing, slowly.

We finally have a pumpkin! I name it Prince Charming and hope it grows to adulthood. Grow fast little guy.

My Dad's HUGE brandywine tomato plant that looks awesome, has tons of blooms, and never produces a single tomato. What's with this family's tomatoes?!?

I didn't get pictures of Matthew planting turnips in with the pumpkin vines, but in the upper right triangle is where he is planted turnips. We are hoping we get a very good turnip crop.

Over at The Inadvertent Farmer, she has another guest , Theresa Loe, that talks about the Center Street Elementary's school garden. In the article Theresa mentions The Edible Schoolyard, which is at the Martin Luther King Junior Middle School. Mom introduced me to The Edible Schoolyard blog over the summer and Wow! what an awesome program. I wish that the students in our area had a chance to participate in learning like that. I think that it's wonderful that there more school's planting gardens and incorporating other elements that make it work at their school. At Center Street they have bins for children to scrap different foods into. The compostable stuff goes to the garden. Great stuff!


Erin said...

Oh I hope that pumpkin grows fast, Matthew will be so excited to see it turn color! He is like the king of watering cans this year LOL!

Mom said...

I agree with Erin. I hope all your plants grow quickly!

Kirsten said...

Can't wait to see what Matthew's rocks look like! Go for it - I think sharing ideas with each other is one of the best things about blogging. :) I meant to tell you days ago, but I just love what you've done to your house! It looks like it has great character. You'll have to post pics of the inside sometime!!

The author said...

Erin, he is isn't he! He loves his watering can.

Mom, yes, it's almost the end of the season!

Kirsten, thank you! It's been such a pleasure to meet all of you this summer through blogging.