Tuesday, August 24, 2010

School's back in

ARGH! Why does Blogspot load photos wrong? Mom, Matthew and I all had our first day of school last Thursday. Mom in her new classroom and Matthew and I at the daycare. She has some charming setup's in her bookshelf cubbies. I wish the photo had loaded properly!

Her room has transformed into a well organized machine. If you don't remember how the room looked when we helped move her in, click here.

With all the things to see and do, Matthew's favorite is to be is still right next to MaMaw.

We went over and helped with last minute stuff, last Wed. and took these photos. We went and helped again on Sunday and it looks even better. The students having been there have somehow lent a charm to the place I think. I look forward to watching the room grow and change.

Matthew and I, after waiting breathlessly for weeks about whether we'd even have a job to go back to, found out, on vacation, that yes we'd have a job and start the very next week. We don't go every day anymore, but something is better then nothing right?


Erin said...

Before I read anything I thought "oh what a cute cubby"! Then I wondered how all the pencils were staying in the cup.... LOL!

Angela said...

I'm glad your mom's room is getting organized and I hope she enjoys teaching a "whole" classroom!

Mom said...

Thanks Anne and Matthew for all the help and moral support! I love my 'new' room and my new students. Yes, Angela, I am enjoying teaching a 'whole' classroom! I loved Title I too, but really there is something so special about working with one's own room full of delightful students! My kids are really good and I am proud of them. Anne I appreciate your kind words about my efforts!

Beth said...

Oh yes, thanks Erin for thinking it is a cute cubby even if it is a bit tipped! Ha! The "please sharpen" cup is often filled too now that the students are in school. But I promise that the real cubby in the real classroom is right side up!