Monday, August 16, 2010


I'm crushed, destroyed, soooo sad. I didn't fully realize what they would do to my computer till it was too late. My files are mostly there, but my saved websites, gone. My antivirus stuff, gone. My camera software, gone. My entire Windows suite, gone. I have discs for the camera, but I have not a clue where they are. I'm hoping I can find it by Thursday so I can at least post pictures for the kinderGARDEN blog. I'm in the same boat with the Windows disc. All the awesome bookmarked websites, not to be seen again I'm afraid. Goodbye old friend, hello hollow and empty one.


Auntie said...

ACK indeed! Very sorry to hear that!!
(Harrumph -- perhaps a Mac?)
Yes, they cost a little more but don't seem subject to the same need to be overhauled that PC's do,
plus they usually last a couple of years longer.

Jenny said...

Did you lose all your pictures on the computer? If so, there is a website that supposedly recovers those. Let me know if you need the site.

The author said...

Thanks Jenny, but I have photos. But I can't get any off my camera until I have find the disc that came with it 2 yrs ago. It's not in the box with everything else, so who knows where I stashed it!

Auntie, the sad part is all of this was done because after all the stuff they did to our lines my computer wouldn't connect! It worked fine!!! No viruses, no real issues. ARG! Never ever again!

Mom said...

Now I am very scared to have them install our new line!

Auntie said...


Angela said...

Oh Nooooooooo, now I'm more afraid than ever to let anyone have my computer to fix it if it becomes necessary. MMM maybe having internet it NOT necessary for school.