Saturday, August 28, 2010

Matthew and the pedal vehicles

All summer long Matthew has been loving to ride his tricycle.


Around and around the kitchen table.

Sometimes it breaks down and has to be fixed.

It takes alot of tools.

But in the end he finds the right ones for the job.

The tricycle isn't the only pedal vehicle he likes to ride. His military vehicle is fun too. Along with the race car.

Riding in style all summer long.

Before I forget again, Matthew has been working hard on figuring out time. His is in love with the idea of having his own watch. By looking at the numbers on the clock, Matthew is starting to learn which number is which. When he learns one, he normally goes and gets the fridge magnet that matches it, to prove he knows that number. He is also learning which numbers we leave on to go to different places. It's so exciting!


Mom said...

Wow, I promised him a watch after he learned to tell time. I guess I'd better go shopping soon for a super cool one! Pedal toys are such fun!

Anonymous said...

Does he sustain pedaling now? Doesn't just paddle?

Auntie said...

Oops - meant to be Auntie.
Those were such cute trike photos!

The author said...

Mom, yes he's on the way!

Auntie, yes he can now pedal and steer that big humvee. He loves it!

Anonymous said...

Wow!What a selection of vehicles to choose from. He looks so intent as plays mechanic! He's the man! Wonder what a "super cool watch" is now to kids, Beth? I'm a bit lost in that area. As a teacher you probably know their favorites.

Angela said...

YEAH- I'm glad he's learning how to tell time, before you know it he will be telling us we are taking to long to do something

Beth said...

Susan, I'm not totally sure right now. Usually it is something like Spiderman or some other popular character. None of my students has one, but several are hoping to get one soon. I'll keep you posted on any progress they make with their parents towards getting a watch.