Monday, August 30, 2010

Matthew says and does

Here is a list of stuff Matthew was saying in June/July:

Matthew on bathing: I do it.

Matthew on watering: I do it.

Matthew on bicycles: Mom say "MOTOR CYCLE" and I ride my motor-bi-cycle.

Matthew on our car: My car is too hot.

Matthew on firetrucks: Dad, it not a firetruck, it's a FIRETRUCK.

Matthew on making decisions and opinions: "I think so", "We can" and the ever popular "We can try."

Matthew on bedtime: It's almost bedtime. Almost.

Matthew on fishing: I never get to go fishing.

Matthew more currently:

Now when it's bathtime Matthew says, "I take a shower." When I told him he needed to use soap last night he informed me, "I use soap when I take a bath Mom." I don't think so!

The other day Matthew wanted to know what the wall heater was in the bathroom, so I told him it was an old wall heater. He wanted to know if it worked. I said I didn't think so. He looked it over carefully and announced, "Oh, it's lost it's batteries!"

Now Matthew calls his tricycle a tricycle.

Matthew is fond of saying, "Not today", "We can walk" and "But I like to/it."

Matthew has no concept of space relations. Last Tuesday he gave me a goose egg, on my brow bone, because he didn't realize my head was so close to the handle he was holding. Last night he jumped straight up into my mouth, with excitement, and split my lip, again. Help, my 3 yr old is dangerous to my health!


Auntie said...

Stand Back! -- the boy is dangerous!
Love his sayings

Angela said...

LOL the funny thing is I read these and I can hear his voice going along with the saying and the activity; I keep saying that plastic bubbles may need to be created for all :)

Anonymous said...

I can hear his tone of voice too. He is so cute! I think you need a catcher's mask!