Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Matthew's kittens

As I was trying to talk grownup talk about the best way to fix our house, Matthew was bugging me. Go look at the kittens I said. 5 minutes later I discovered he'd moved them from under the dog house to inside, along with himself.

If you don't feed us, I'm going to bite your leg off! (Are you seeing all 6? They are all in the pic.)

Matthew? Where'd you go? What do you mean go nurse? This is what Matthew thought they were saying. Them following us inspired him to say, "See Mom, they need me. Pandora wants to see them. They need me. The kittens need to come with us and their mommy too. They need to live with us."

Let me give them hugs and kisses goodbye. (He really wasn't strangling it.)

Ahhh, finally settling down to nurse again. Yes, we now have 6. We lost 1 a week or so ago, but the other 6 are lively and seem to enjoy Matthew. And he loves them. I wish we could ALL live as a family again. I guess it will have to wait.


Auntie said...

I wish you could always be a family that lives together.

Mom said...

I hope you will all live together soon!

I found all six. Do I get a prize?

The author said...

Thank you Mom and Auntie.

Mom, as being the first to announce you found all 6, you win a fruit snack. I shall send it over immediately. :)

Mom said...

Thank you for the fruit snack! I shall share it with my grandson!