Thursday, September 2, 2010

kinderGARDEN Thursday: week 21

Sunday, when Phil was getting ready to head back to KC, he looked at me and asked, "Are your 2 tomatoes ever going to ripen???" The very next day this one started.

Now the 2nd is under way too!

While we wait for tomatoes to ripen, I tackled this iris bed. This is how nice it looked because I intensively weeded it a year ago in May.

There it is again behind Matthew at the beginning of the summer. I ripped everything out. It fills up with weeds and tree starts and crab grass.

Tuesday found Matthew and I planting the plants here at my parents house.

Nothing wrong with double fisted digging.

Then we started the long process of watering.

Guess who announced, "Watering is my job." I think it will look good. The irises will fill in all the empty spots they had going up and down the sidewalk. I also rearranged plants in a better height order in the front beds. I'm not finished, but very close.

I also potted up some of the hollyhocks, so that when the time comes, it will be easier to replant them.

Our pepper plant is still plugging along.

The turnips have come up and are looking good! This is Matthew's turnip patch.

The butterflies on the male pumpkin flowers were sure pretty. Sadly the pumpkin didn't get enough pollen and has died. I see tons of male flowers, but the female flowers have been in very limited supply, like only 1 has bloomed all summer.

Today we went and picked apples. The tree is absolutely loaded with them. We never spray and they are awesome anyway. I guess we're lucky. The tree is located at my Granddad's house. He would be so proud to know that his Great Grandson is enjoying apples from the tree he planted.

Matthew ran to the tree and had an apple picked in 30 seconds, I kid you not. He loves apples.

Sometimes he had to reach really high.

Sometimes it was at an easy eye level.

When you looked up you saw tree and apples. It'd be so fun to have in the yard and play under.

Ready to go home with our bounty.

The minute we walked in the door, Matthew was pulling out the apple slicer and getting ready to sample them.

Yummy! They are so good. I finally found a relative that knows how to can, lives in the area, loves it AND would love to teach me!!! I'm so excited. I'm going to see canning apples or applesauce is an option and suggest I bring some to work with. I can't wait to learn!

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inadvertent farmer said...

Oh I would love to have such a tree too...especially planted by a granddad! How cool is that?

You little guy is hilarious carrying that great big bag over his shoulder...great post! Kim

Kirsten said...

love it! Your irises will be so pretty. and what a great apple tree! hope you can have some canning success - hubby's mom used to make the BEST applesauce. my mom has tried to replicate it, but she's doing something wrong, b/c it's not the same. :) can't wait to hear how it goes! it's so much more fun when you have someone to do it with and to teach you all the secrets.

Mom said...

I enjoyed the pictures of the flower planting process since I was not home at the time. I am happy that you and Matthew can enjoy apples from your Granddad's tree! Such fun!

Whirliegig said...

Congratulations on finding someone to teach you canning methods! And yes, I too am envious of that tree. I keep eyeballing our in-law's neighbor's tree in hopes that he'll share his harvest with us again this year!

The author said...

inadvertent farmer, it really is an awesome tree!

Kirsten, I am hoping that they are really pretty too! Isn't strange how not all applesauce is the same? I can't wait to learn!

Mom, we had fun!

Whirliegig, I'm so excited to learn! I hope you get to share the harvest.

Auntie said...

Was this the tree he planted for his Annie Girl? (hard to get a perspective on how big it is)

I think it is grand that you have fixed a way that Matthew can fix his own apple snack.

You are making your own Family Heritage Garden.

The author said...

Auntie, no, Granddad didn't plant it for me, just the cherry tree. In one of the photos you can see how tall Matthew is next to the tree. It's quite a bit bigger then me.

Cathryn said...

Wow! That post was packed with progress! I am enchanted by the great granddad apple tree! Not many people can boast that, and I consider that a wonderful legacy!

Nice looking peppers too!

faith buss said...

The tree story is my favorite this week! :) Great post.

Grace said...

Your apples look great! What fun for your little guy to be able to pick his own snack. :)

The author said...

Cathryn, yes as the years pass I'm more and more fond of the plants my wonderful Granddad left behind. Especially since I wish he could have met Matthew.

faith buss, thanks so much!

Grace, he is so proud of those apples. He wants to eat at least one everyday and is ignoring the ones in the fridge that we bought before we went and picked these.