Saturday, September 25, 2010

The last 36 hours

Friday morning Matthew and I drove up to Phil's, to help him pack and run to Powell Gardens one more time.

Last time Matthew and I visited, I didn't realize that you could go up in the grain silo. This time we did and what a view from the top. I just love the way the quilt block garden look from the air.

I've never seen vanilla fuzzy caterpillars before. Normally they are brown, orange or a mix, but this year they are everywhere.

It makes me wish I had a lily pad garden.

Later that night we went to hear Funk Syndicate play. I love that band! Matthew danced the night away and earned some awesome beads from the lead singer.

Today we loaded up and came home. When I was almost home, the clouds got bad looking. See that blue-greenish strip in the middle? It was really blue-green in person. It looked like hail.

Literally 1 minute later the wind was blowing rain pretty much straight horizontal. I couldn't even see out the windshield. The world had become black water. Then it started hailing hard. I have never been so terrified with Matthew in the car. I was finally able to see a driveway and pull off about 3 miles out of town. Going even 10 MPH didn't feel safe. I finally got home, no visible hail damage, but boy was I shaking when I got there.

I pulled myself together and we went to Matthew's favorite babysitter's wedding tonight. Bailey is a very special girl to us. We hope that she has a wonderful marriage.

What have all of you done in the last 36 hours?


Mom said...

You certainly packed in a lot of awesome things during your last 36 hours! The garden photos are beautiful! I've never seen quite such a strange cloud formation before, and I'm very glad that you were able to find a safe place to stop. It looks really scary! I love the photo of Bailey and Matthew! They both look very happy!!!

Erin said...

You have yourself some nasty tent caterpillars there! They fall out of those webs in the trees everywhere! I had them in my hair and down my shirt the other day working in the back of the yard LOL

Kirsten said...

those are awesome sky pics (easy for me to say, since i wasn't driving through the nasty stuff)! still love that garden. we have a nice one not too far from here, but we didn't make it this year - maybe next year?

Auntie said...

Snow storms used to lie in wait for your mom (back when she was single) and pounce somewhere around 30 miles out from her home, but I don't know if she took the same route you do. I was hit with a rain storm that was probably as bad as yours, BUT I didn't have a child with me. I tell you, there's a bad weather spot out there.
That boy is a dancing fool, isn't he? Belt buckle, beads, what next?

The author said...

Mom, we had an awful lot of fun!

Erin, first I was going through all my photos to find the webs in the trees. When that didn't work, I reread your comment better and realized you meant the caterpillar, duh! I just love them, but if they fell down my shirt...well, I doubt I'd like them so much.

Kirsten, they were awesome clouds. I love taking cloud photos. Aren't public gardens the best?

Auntie, the boy is a dancing fool. I think he has big things ahead of him. There is storm areas, but it's never the same spot for me!