Thursday, September 30, 2010

kinderGARDEN Thursday: 2010 award winners part 1

* borrowed from Kim because I just love this photo! Can it be one of our button choices next year, please????

Today was the much anticipated reveal of who won awards during the kinderGARDEN contest series, sponsored and designed by Kim at The Inadvertent Farmer. If you haven't gone and read her blog yet, get your clicking finger on the link I provide every week and get over there! She is awesome and who wouldn't love to read stories about a camel named Gizmo? (I think that's why I fell in love with her blog.) Anyway, back to awards. To read who won what go here.

Matthew and I are super excited because when we got to the next to last award we read this:

"*Finally there is the person that was most involved...the best cheerleader! About a Bug posted almost every single week. She was sweet enough to go and comment on other's posts all the time, her enthusiasm made me smile. So the cheerleader award goes to About a Bug!"

Oh my goodness, what an honor! Once again Kim, thank you so much for this incredible opportunity to grow stuff with my child, that I would have passed on this summer, due to us moving. I'm so glad that your contest tempted me so much that I just had to find a way to make it work for us. I mean, isn't that the way of the true gardener? Garden against all odds? Anyway, I'm super excited to try new things with Matthew next year in the garden.

A huge congratulations to Kirsten, over at Thanks for the Lemonade for winning best overall! I've gotten to know her a little better because she allowed me to send her purple green beans. I just love her blog. She truly had the kinderGARDEN spirit. The award is well deserved.

Two more of my personal favorite blogs won awards. Faith over at faith buss has the most delightful children that have "shopped" their way into winning the best veggie award. Cathryn at The Farrm, which has a truly wonderful garden (no matter what she says), won best reuse/recycle for making a teepee from old sunflower stalks! Lastly, but not least, My Freezer is Full won for best flowers. Go check them out as they have some awesome flowers over there.

Lastly if you are still with me, the people's choice award is still hanging out there. It won't be us, because we didn't make the cut, but still feel free to go and vote! Kim has assured us that she'll do this again next year. So if you have a child around, grab them and join in the fun next year!


Cathryn said...

You are so sweet!! Thanks for the praise and for becoming a new "friend". I hope to keep in touch and then regroup for next year's gardening as well!
Congrats on best cheerleader! It was always so fun to see an email come from you!
Take care!

Mom said...

I think you ladies are the greatest! Congratulations to all of you on all your hard work! You are all winners for providing such a nice experience for your children and for each other!

Auntie said...

Anne, you and Matthew are really something else! The other winners were also wonderful, I am sure. From your award I think you were the one who made it the most interesting for you, Matthew, and the others, Your enthusiasm and generosity of spirit go a very long ways in my books.

faith buss said...

This was totally the most fun thing EVER! So glad to be in the middle of it with you and so many other fun mommas! Thanks for cheering us on all season long. :)

faith buss said...

PS - If you're coming through OK next weekend, stop by! I'll give you some bell peppers. HA! Seriously. And even if you can't come to the sale early, we'll pack your vehicle down with whatever's left. ;)

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS! So deserving too! ( Dont let's 4get your future awards will be the joy & laughter when this blog is shared with family + friends!) What a perfect way to keep love alive.

Anonymous said...

kinderGARDEN is a perfect example of what's great about the internet and electronic communication......think of what a blessing the blogs from Anne and all the other gardening teams have been for our summer!!!! You and your children add grace to our days and I thank you.

The author said...

Thank you everyone for the praise! I sure had alot of fun and can't wait to do it again with you ladies next spring.