Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hollow one becoming less hollow

I've installed my Firefox and have been frantically been trying to find my camera disc. Phil got fed up with the condition my computer got returned in and called the guy. He ran out and said he should have re-installed my Office suite, an antivirius program and saved my camera program. He claims not many clients have digital cameras or at least non-plug and play ones. So he installed stuff and tried to get my ZoomMaster EX program back, but it didn't work. He believes that I can get the photos off and onto Windows by copying and pasting, so I'll try for the kinderGARDEN post. In the meantime I'm still trying to find the missing disc. I've found the Office disc tonight, so I'm hoping that I'm going to find it soon, though I think it's stranded back at our other house. Bear, bare?, with me and I will get this photo thing back and running.

I was so upset about my computer I didn't even think to talk about Matthew. The poor guy has been to the eye dr. because he's been complaining about his eyes itching for the last month. The eye dr. wanted us to put him on Zyrtec again and put him on a $170 a itty-bitty bottle eye drop. Thank goodness our insurance covered most of it. The eye drop has been an nightmare as he doesn't want them in his eyes. Picture kicking, eyes tight shut, tears leaking out, and violent head shaking. In the last week his eczema reflared. It got to the point of oozing again. We took him in Monday and this time the non-military dr. said it was infected. Probably a strep infection (really?) and put him on antibiotics. She agreed with the eye doctor that he needed to be on allergy meds, but not oral ones as they don't help eczema. Instead she put him on Flonase. She said it's the best for the eczema and the eyes. After a week he should not need the drops again. She believes as long as I keep his trigger spots well lotioned at all times, he shouldn't need the Flonase in the winter. We'll see. I hate feeling like my poor kid takes too much medicine, but I hate the reaction of people going, "Oh my gosh, what in the world is wrong with his arm?????" I know it looks contagious and icky, but it's not. One day at a time I guess.

Tomorrow is Matthew's and I's first day back at work. Because of budget cuts, tuition hikes, and probably other stuff, I'll be working 1/4 as much this year as last. As disappointed as I am, I hang on to the fact that I still have a job and am bringing in a few dollars more then I had before. I hope the job market and economy turns around soon. It's such a scary time for so many. I feel lucky to have a husband in one of the safest jobs of all, money wise.


Kirsten said...

wow, you've got a lot on your plate! so sorry to hear about computer woes, allergies, eczema and everything else. we heart zyrtec at our place, but my son is clearly convinced that eye drops are evil. hope matthew is more comfortable soon!

what kind of work do you and hubby do?

Erin said...

I agree with the dependable income of our spouses' jobs! We won't get rich that way but at least we have regular deposits and health care, much to be thankful for these days. Hang tight with the computer and your son's allergies, these things always happen in waves, so that must mean smooth sailing is ahead, right?!

The author said...

Kirsten, I think every Mom has alot on her plate! I think Matthew is starting to feel more comfortable in his skin again. I know the eczema is fading. My husband is currently a recruiter for the Army. Soon he will probably go back to being a tank commander. I work for the school as a daycare assistant teacher. The last 2 years have come with alot of cuts in pay and hours.

Erin, yes, I feel very thankful for that. It allows me to be home as much as I am, and know that we have some steady money coming in! I sure hope smooth sailing is ahead, it's been a rocky year.

Anonymous said...

Anne, I am sorry to hear matthew is having sink problems "eczema" kalea had that since she was a baby and she had the MOST flair ups in kansas..don't know why. She has pretty much gotten over it...but from time to time she will get a little rash. Have you tried putting him in an oatmeal bath for 20 minutes 2 times a day? When kalea would get it really bad that is what I did you can get a box of like 5 or 8 packets at wal-mart or i believe any pharmacy place. The only flair up she has had her in florida was when she was in 3rd grade and they were using something different on there carpet in kalea's class and she broke out from head to toe!! The doctor said to use that and then some hydrocortisone cream. being so close to the ocean the salt water has really helped her eczema stay away. I hope this you guys. Love, Elisa