Thursday, October 9, 2008

T.G.I.T (thank goodness it's Thurs because it's this weeks Friday for me!)

I'm really tired so this will be quick, but I know several of you are wondering how my battle with the pack rat is going. Here is the update I got from Dan, the service guy.
Me: Just checking in, how is it going?
Dan: (groan) It's still alive and it's a fast little sucker.
Me: (groan) It's still ALIVE?? I've had poison in the car for a week.
Dan: I know. We tried to get it with a live trap. It triggered it, but managed to squeeze out. It is working on some Orbitz gum. It likes Orbitz gum so I left it by the trap as bait.
Me: Well I'm glad it has fresh breath.
Dan: (laughs) Tonight I'm leaving a bowl of liquid poison, maybe it's thirsty. If that doesn't work I guess we'll try to tear you car apart tomorrow. It has to go. I'm sure everyday it's tearing more stuff up.
Me: (misunderstood last comment) in panic WHAT HAS IT TORN UP NOW!?
Dan: NO, no, I haven't seen damage, I'm assuming.
Me: Oh, I thought you were going to tell me half a seat was gone. Ok, well I'll keep waiting to hear from you...

I just don't understand why me and why it's soooo stubborn? I tried to coax it out with all escape routes open and it refused. It's like a smart suicide bomber. Death is now it's only option. And I've lived with my husband long enough now I feel bad. Thanks alot Phil.

Matthew was so tired when he got home he refused to eat and went pretty much straight to bed. After 2 hours he woke up crying and I could smell he was poopy so I got him up. Poor guy, he must have done it in his sleep and slept in it awhile. I think it undid all the good work I'd done for his butt. I think we are going to have go see the doctor and get something stronger because he lives slathered in all kinds of ointments and still has horrible diaper rash at times. Either that or he's allergic to something and I just don't know it. Anyway, I gave him some water, a tiny bit of yogurt, changed him into pjs, brushed teeth and let him go back to sleep. We'll see how early he wakes up.

My only other news is that I made my first ebay purchase. I pick up my prize Sat. in person since it's too close to ship. I feel like a dork to admit it's the set of McDonalds Wizard of Oz toys, but I love the Wizard of Oz and they are really cute. If I lived next to McDonalds, Matthew and I would have gone all the time, but since we don't, I bid on it. And won it in the last sec. Literally it said 1 sec left and my bid ended up highest. It was exciting, stressful, and scary, all at the same time.

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