Tuesday, April 15, 2008


It was and is extremely windy today. I hear the wind was gusting along at 40 mph. All I know is every time I tried to go through the front door the wind shoved me away from the door. Due to the wind, roofing was impossible. They finished trimming out our new stairway door and put in our new kitchen window. Yea! One window with a screen that actually works! Cool.

Yesterday I woke up with back troubles that ended up with me in lots of pain last night so I was forced by my husband to go to the chiropractor today. It helped some. Dr. "Doolittle" said that I have to bring Matthew with me when ever I come now so he can see him, so he was glad I didn't leave him at home. He also was sure to tell Matthew how sorry he was that he had a crazy grandpa. (Family-doctor joke, not meant literally.) I forgot to mention that yesterday when Matthew was outside he demonstrated how he could crawl up the front steps, which means I'm really glad we have a door we can close going to the stairs.

Friday we are going apartment hunting and perhaps house hunting. It should be interesting! This will happen of course if we aren't blown away before then.

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Anonymous said...

from O,C. CA: i am enjoying your blog so much. what a kid! and mom is pretty special too! thanks 4 sharing. Susan (3rd cousin)