Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Rain, rain go away

I do not think anymore work can get done on our house today. It rained and thundered all night long and I can tell by the noise on the roof that it's still drizzling. The roofers got some more done on the roof, but it's nowhere near to being done.

Matthew decided Sunday night to not go to sleep till after 1am and get back up around 6:45am, so Phil and I did not get much sleep. We took shifts napping yesterday. Then I went to work and when I came home Matthew was in such a good mood. He loves staying home with the daddy much more then going to daycare. Anyway, Matthew was chilling on the couch, eating a big wagon wheel puff. He had gotten one because he didn't fight us about taking his medicine. He looked so cute I decided to take a picture. At the sight of the camera, he got really excited and started smiling. I barely snapped it before he lurched off the couch in his excitement. I had lunge quickly and help him fall gracefully. I guess I barely made it because he didn't hurt himself.

After supper last night, the whole family was invited to visit a family that lives a few roads over. We had a nice time. We were surprised at how quickly we got there! We aren't used to being able to drive 5 minutes to a friends house.

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