Thursday, April 10, 2008


Matthew had his followup today. The doctor and his nurse were pleased with the progress his eye has made healing. He gets to stop taking his antibiotic, which is a good thing since it is making his little rump sore. Diaper cream is his friend at the moment. In 2 weeks we'll see the doctor one more time to make sure that everything has healed well. They think it won't leave much of a scar. The lab results were back and confirmed it was a dermal cyst. They list it as dermoid cyst. I know some found only stuff saying dermoid cysts were ovarian related, but this one wasn't! They do not think it is likely to come back since they got 99% of all that tissue, if not 100%. If they had left a significant amount it could grow back.

Matthew is also getting quite good at cuddling. Yesterday at lunch he cuddled with his grandpa, which melted his grandpa's heart. It also almost distracted him so much that Matthew almost got his tapioca pudding! Matthew had to make due with the tiny bits of pizza crust that I shared with him. He really believes if you are eating something he should be sharing it with you. I think he'll be really glad when he can chew table foods. We tried #3 foods the other day and he was choking on the lumpier foods. We are going to try again because it might have just been his throat still hurt from the tube they put down it during the surgery. I just can't believe how big he has gotten. He's at least 30" and 20lbs if I didn't say so earlier.

Yesterday was a nice enough day that some more got done on the roof. Not as much as I hoped for, but the steepness of the the roof, constant wind, and rain have all made it challenging. Today it has been pretty windy and very rainy. Somehow an edge of one of the pieces of roof pulled up and has been banging in the wind. Thank goodness it's just a tiny chunk on the edge. It can be easily fixed I believe. We shouldn't have problems like that when it's all on and done.

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