Saturday, April 12, 2008

Matthew's new toy

I love my parent's cell phones! I have two of my own, but Mom and Dad's still are the best. I also now look at the camera and smile. :)
Here's my new toy...
Maybe it already needs a tune-up!

Matthew loves his new toy. The video is pretty dark, but you get the idea. He loves it. His dad got it for him today at Walmart and he loves it. At first when he'd take off he'd be running after it because it would roll so fast. He's getting the idea better today. He's had a busy day running after it. We went and picked up Phil's car today. It finally was finished 3 weeks after it went to the shop to get fixed after the little fence wreck he had in Jan. Then we went and ate dinner with Matthew's "Aunt" Angela. He was very happy to see her again. We then went shopping at the Dusty Bookshelf and bought a couple new used books for Matthew. Phil was so thrilled. Hehe. So all in all it's been a good day. Now our friend Christy is here eating after her hard day of dog wrangling so I'm going to go so we can start the movie.

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