Saturday, April 19, 2008

Another day of pounding the pavement

Yesterday we pounded the pavement all day looking at apartments with short term leases and houses for sale. Wow, the houses in our price range are horrific! HORRIFIC. Talking most are deep deep in the getto. Example, one looked wonderful on the outside and on the inside it was extremely dark, extremely dirty, the railing for the stairs was hanging off the wall, the carpet...don't make me describe the carpet, and there was bags of garbage by the front door. That was all it took for me to decide no way in hell. And by the way, that was all in just the foyer. We never even saw the upstairs, bedrooms, or bathroom. I think that the fact I'm so still scarred this morning, I'm going to be scarred for quite awhile. We found one in a better neighborhood that was really really cute until you got to the basement and second floor and then it just got weird and we aren't prepared for weird. We found another that might have been perfect, but unluckily it went under contract right before we saw it. We are going back up today to look but I am not holding my breathe that the $10,000 increase in price will make much difference. I'm starting to think I'll stay here and stick Phil in a 1 bedroom apartment. The 2 apartments we liked yesterday have ponds they stock every spring with bass and the like, so yeah! Got my vote. Fishing with the bug on weekends without a need for a license. Speaking of Matthew, he was so good yesterday. He mostly rode in his carseat all day and if he wasn't in it he was in places I refused to let him touch the floor so the poor guy couldn't do much playing and crawling around. Lucky for him, he gets to stay home with his grandparents. If only I was so lucky. I guess I should get used to it. This is what my weekends are to become. Packing up and driving 2 hours to the city to be with my husband. It could be worse, I know. At least there is shopping. We get to do a little of that today. Yesterday we ate lunch with Auntie. We had a good time. We got to eat on the plaza. I love the plaza even though I feel out of place because I'm not rich. It is always packed no matter the season or hour or day. Must be nice to have time to shop all day every day. Well, in light of everything I've already wrote, what happened the rest of the week isn't so interesting. In short, we have been preparing to look at homes and apartments and I have had an earache for a week and now it seems I have a cold. Lovely. Well, I better go pack the bug and shower myself so we're ready to hit the pavement again.


Anonymous said...

hang in there! i can't believe the prices either! (my dad paid $18,000 for a 3 BR in Seal Beach in 1958 and thought it was overpriced! it now sells for over a million 'cause of the location CHOKE!!!) tiny little lot too.

i enjoy your interesting blog. HUG the BUG for me.

Bug said...

That's amazing! I can't believe the prices in CA, I'm glad we aren't trying to buy something out there! We'd live in a cardboard box.