Saturday, April 26, 2008

Spring surprises alive

Well, if you use a little imagination, realize the dark brown stripes are on faces, the light colored ovals are ears, you'll realize that you are looking at about probably 6 or 7 baby rabbits. Since I wrote about them they have grown alot! They are so cute! They were hopping all over when Phil carefully pealed the protective layer back. We decided to make sure they were still alive. I realize that they will become the animals that eat up my garden and potentially my flowers, but I just can't kill them. It just doesn't seem right. Still I'll be very glad to get them out of my flower garden!

Yesterday Matthew seemed extra tired and he still seems not up to speed, but better. He ate a little better today. Last night he kept waking up to cry, which made for very, very tired parents today. In the morning we took a "family nap."

Yesterday the weather did not permit more to get done on the house. Today was a nice day till closer to 5 when it started to sprinkle again. Our neighbor came over and had Phil go with him to repair the fence that Phil's car munched when he crashed due to the bad road conditions in January. The neighbor happens to be the same one who's Great Grandma built our house. Phil got to meet his father who actually lived here for awhile. Our neighbor is cousins with the man who sold the house to us. He also walked around the house and told us that he really liked what we are doing with the house and said that the peak should have been put on the house a long time ago. We aren't fixing up the house to please the relatives, but it's nice to know that they like what we're doing with the place. All the family members I've met seem to be rather sentimental about the place. It's a very tight knit neighborhood up here, outsiders have to earn respect and we have done so I think.

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