Sunday, April 6, 2008

Pictures I've been meaning to post for awhile...

Mom, it's ok, you should have seen the other baby. Above his eye you can see the purple x where the doctor "signed" his eye. My baby is a Picasso. Poor guy his eyelid swelled up so big. It's much better now.

Pan has become a little obsessed with Matthew's shoes. She wrestles with them frequently now.

I love it when Daddy gives me baths! Look at my cool mohawk!

This is the newest progress on our house...

A finished dormer...

And one more angle.

Matthew showing off how well his mouth works as a place to transport objects of interest.

Phil had his last day of work on post Friday. He's taking this whole next week off and then will be signing in with his new battalion. And then we will be frantically moving him. I guess that they can still change where he is going until the time he signs in so we may go look at some apartments this week, but won't be signing with them until after he signs in. What a process.

We've been having a lazy weekend, mostly because Matthew is making us sleep deprived. Yesterday and today are gorgeous warm spring days. Tomorrow thru Wed. are supposed to be rainy days, which means we may not get much more done on the house for awhile. We are so anxious to have it finished. It seems like it is going so slow. We are supposed to be getting our witch weathervane/lightning rod is this week so that will be exciting. I can't wait to see it in person.

I am dying to be tilling my garden, planting stuff, and ordering more bulbs, seeds and plants. But since it seems I'm not going to be here this summer, I am putting all my outside goals on the back burner. But I did get three geranium plants in the mail Thurs. It was exciting to me. My husband wasn't as excited. They should be beautiful plants, unusual plants. Not your average run of the mill geraniums that you can get in the store. I also bought a beautiful tulip plant and hydrangea plant at the store. I plan to plant the tulip bulbs outside later on and the hydrangea when we are living here full-time again. Until then it will stay in a big pot.

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