Saturday, May 8, 2010


It's cold, I am back to wearing sweatshirts and winter coats again and it is NOT improving my mood! Yesterday I woke up to a small dog girl peeing on the bed she was so nervous. (Insert eye rolling-her story here.) As I was letting the little dog out I noticed my garlic flung all over the yard and that means only one thing, the criminal has struck again. Yes, Scamp had flung garlic and dug up a brand new daylily (1 of 8 I got in Thursday from a fabulous little company called Daylily Manor. I highly recommend them for buying plants or just looking a ridiculously beautiful daylilies.) So the criminal was told in no uncertain terms that his behavior was not ok. After repairing most of the damage, getting on with life, and making him repent on the line all morning, I let him off for good behavior. Matthew and I went to school in our purple-ist of purple outfits for Sports Day at school and came home to my pot of lettuce (that was merrily growing) destroyed and the cilantro as well. Another pot of flowers almost bit it. Scamp had dug his grave, so off to the line he went again. At 1 am he woke me up by barking under my window. Ack, he was off the line. Somehow he had managed to completely snap his collar so all is left is the buckle attached to the line. After that I moved the smallest pots in the backporch and racked my brain about what to do with the others. Then I had a brainstorm, chili powder. After shaking some of it in my pots, I shook it into Scamp face. He loved it. I figured I better hit the web and see what other options I had in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere. After 1/2 hour I found a reference to tabasco sauce and went to the fridge. I got Phil's least favorite bottle out and put some on Scamp. He did not love. EUREKA! After finishing off that bottle and the bottle Phil loved, the daylilies and all the pots had been covered. Around 2 I settled in for the 2nd half of my beauty sleep. Matthew got me up with the sun and everything was still as it should be and dotted red. 1 daylily looked like he'd thought about uprooting it and decided it's taste was too awful. A couple hours later, a much skinnier Too Many showed up. We can't locate any kittens and she's been rubbing on the dogs crying for 3 hours. We are starting to think through one cause or another, there won't be any little kittens on the farm this summer. We'll keep crossing fingers, but it doesn't look good.


Mom said...

Oh my, that was a night, not to remember, but to forget as quickly as possible! If I were you, I'd locate a crate of Tabasco sauce on sale and keep it around at all times during the growing season. Maybe you could put it in a mist bottle and spray your plants daily until Scamp gives up. I guess the plants don't mind it?

Angela said...

LOL- I'm glad you decided to try to find a tactic to stop Scamp from uprooting your plants that did not involve him going to live some other place.......I can't wait to see Too Many's new family :)