Sunday, May 30, 2010


There are many joys in the world, if you just take the time to notice them and appreciate them. There is the joy of spinning things. The joy of parents and grandparents and small boys. And cowboys hats, let's not forget cowboy hats.

There is the joy of being able to go to a ridiculously over priced spa because your husband loved you enough to give you a gift card for there.

There is the joy of being able to take a moment to relax in quiet and do something for yourself. Just as taking care of your family is a joy.

There is the joy of a beautiful flower that decided to bloom 2 yrs after you planted it.

Yellow dogs are normally a joy, as long as they aren't in your garden or flower patch.

There is the joy of discovering a cool moth, even if it might be something you don't want in your garden.

Butterflies are always a joy in the garden.

What joys do you have in your life?


Mom said...

One of my joys has to be your blog! I love the photos and the comments.

It is a joy to have you and Phil and that precious little boy of yours as part of my life!

The flower is totally gorgeous, probably well worth the two year wait?

Anonymous said...

Having good health is a joy which should be acknowledged each and every day. Having a visit from Brandon who has become a fine young man! Thanks for the blog which continues to brighten our days. Maurine

The author said...

Thank you so much Maurine and Mom for listing my blog as a joy in your day!

Angela said...

I agree with Beth and Maurine- your blog is a joy especially since I don't get to spend as much time with you and your family so I feel like I miss out on a lot.

Other than that, one of my greatest joys is that I'm on a remarkable jourey that not many take but insist on taking the easy road which is NOT for me.